ViuTV’s “In Geek We Trust” Will Be Up Against “The Righteous Fists”

 With TVB airing The Righteous Fists <鐵拳英雄> on January 10, rival ViuTV will also air its IT-themed production In Geek We Trust <IT狗>. As the Hong Kong government has just announced the ban of dining after 6 p.m., drama ratings are expected to be boosted during this period.

A satire of the scathing start-up world, In Geek We Trust centers on a bunch of young people struggling to survive in the IT industry. Besides Ling Man Lung (凌文龍), Hanna Chan (陳漢娜), and Kaki Sham (岑珈其), the drama will also star MIRROR‘s Lokman (楊樂文), Frankie (陳瑞輝) and Stanley (邱士縉). Expectations for ratings are high as previous dramas with MIRROR’s participation, such as Ossan’s Love <大叔的愛>, have evoked a wave of drama-chasing.

Brief Synopsis

The only local film to be nominated in the Hong Kong Asian Film Awards

IT department supervisor Shun (Ling Man Lung) suddenly loses both his cushy bank job and his girlfriend, who ditches him. Faced with multiple setbacks, he picks himself up and decides to work on his dream app with the IT geniuses he meets at co-working space called “Born Hub”. However, working with whom he imagined to be a team of like-minded aspiring entrepreneurs, he finds they are eccentric geeks who seem bent on ruining rather than helping each other.

Old-time friends Ling Man Lung, Hanna, and Kaki naturally had great chemistry on set. Sharing there were much more hilarity behind the cameras, Hanna said, “There was a scene I needed to step on Kaki–I regret not wearing track shoes and stepping hard!” As for Kaki, the most important thing to him is the requirements of the show, and said, “How rare it is for us youngsters to get together. Because our generation of actors are all so passionate, this time I have to thank the director. Also, I finally don’t have to play [the role of] a student!”

Source: Mingpao

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  1. I see the target audience for each drama being very different. ViuTV will probably be more innovative attracting younger people. Chinatown for those that want comfort, tried and true. I like Ruco but I can’t see how this won’t be trite. It probably will still attract ratings since people miss these types of action dramas and him in general.

    1. Agreed, plus isn’t viutv online only? Either way both will probably get good ratings. Although chinatown has been shelved for 2 years…

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