MIRROR’s Ian Chan Opens New Gym

Talented singer-songwriter, MIRROR’s Ian Chan is also a savvy businessman. Recently, the 28-year-old invested in a new fitness center.

His groupmates, Anson Kong, Jer Lau, Stanley Yau, Jeremy Lee, Alton Wong, and Tiger Yau, showed their support by attending the opening event. Expressing his gratitude, Ian announced that he would provide free memberships to his groupmates. However, because he is not a licensed trainer, he would not train his groupmates personally.

When asked which MIRROR member is the laziest when it comes to exercising, Ian straightforwardly called out Keung To, joking that he may need to form a motivation group to get Keung To work out.

Ian shared that he had invested a six-figure sum into the business with a long-time friend. Taking matters into his own hands, Ian personally oversaw the center’s design, remodeling, and décor. Despite putting time and money into the fitness center, Ian emphasized that his priority continues to be his entertainment career.

Source: Hket

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. not sure if this is the best time to open a gym but if things do get back to normal, it’s a good investment for gym enthusiasts

    1. They will probably have a large customer base of fans who sign up hoping to bump into their idols 🙂

  2. With 12 guys it’s not surprising one of them opens up a gym. I can imagine all the married mirror fans making their husbands and bfs sign up.
    Maybe Alton will teach cause he’s a trainer.

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