HK Boy Group Mirror Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary

MIRROR, a Hong Kong boy group made up of 12 members in their 20s and early 30s, officially debuted for over a year. To commemorate their first anniversary, MIRROR released a pictorial and shot an MV for their new song “Reflection” in Taiwan. Although it is common for groups to disband, MIRROR insists on sticking together. They believe unity is strength, and they hope to become a classic group like Twins and BOYZ.

In a recent interview with 10 of the members, they talked about their year of struggle as rookies. Member Anson Lo (盧瀚霆) said, “We are different from ordinary stars. We have made mistakes during our performances, but both fans and the audience are tolerant and considerate. They are accompanying us as we grow, and in the coming year, we want to prove to everyone our capabilities.”

In the short time that they’ve debuted, the group’s popularity has risen sharply. They’ve received a lot of job offers and continue to gain fans. When the interviewer asked the men if they’ve earned a lot, the members immediately looked at “Popularity King” Show Keung To (姜濤). They seemed to imply the 20-year-old is the member that makes the most money.

Show embarrassingly said, “We’re about the hearts, not about gold. As celebrities, we’re happy whether or not we’re earning money as long as we have jobs and exposure opportunities.”

During the interview, member Jeremy Lau (柳應廷), also known as Jer, made fun of Show’s stiffness in the pictorial they shot earlier. “Show is usually very handsome, but he looks stiff when taking photos. He looks like a fat piglet, so funny.”

Show explained he is not confident in his figure and is not used to taking off his shirt to bare some skin.

Source: Mingpao

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  1. it’s quite difficult hk is still trying to promote boy bands despite all the competition from korea and china. i haven’t heard of a japanese boy band in years, let alone hk. i only learned about them while watching the viutv annual promotion performance (can’t recall the name). anyone know if there is any particular outstanding member in this group? heard their sing, really nothing to write home about. copied korean style but not the same level of singing skills.

    1. @m0m0 I followed their debut since the show started. I think that some are really good at singing and dancing, though obviously they don’t have the same resources as Kpop groups.
      The most popular (and youngest) one is Keung To. Definitely can sing and dance. I personally really like Anson Lo. He just won an award on the Season 2 of the show (check it out on Youtube) Ian also has his own solo singles.

      1. @bubbles23

        I think it is not just about resources but Cpop does not seem to appeal to the western and worldwide audiences like Kpop currently does. Maybe in the future that will change since time will tell. Kpop is new compared to HK series and music for example, but it never seemed to appeal to the western and worldwide audiences while Kpop does. I have seen so many fans of Kpop of all different ethnicities but the fans who like Hk and Chinese music and movies are mainly Chinese and other Asians. I do not see a big population of foreign fans for Hk and Chinese music, series and movies. These days there are more foreign fans since series and movies are subtitled but they still fall short on popularity compared to Kpop and Korean drama. I still wonder why?

    2. @m0m0
      Yes and Korean boy bands are so popular now. I wonder why Kpop appeals to the western and worldwide audience so much? One of the Kpop artists said it was because they have similar beats and rhythms as American music so it is familiar to them. Plus, many claim to like the way Korean sounds. Some think that Chinese boy bands and music cannot appeal to the worldwide and western audiences. I am not sure if I agree with that 100%. Maybe after the Korean wave and Kpop dies down a bit then maybe Chinese, Japanese and some other countries may have a chance? Who knows and time will tell….

      1. @hetieshou It’s a lot of things honestly, Kpop music is 100% influenced by western music and trends (in fact a lot of kpop songs these days are written by american artists). In terms of dancing/choreography they’re WAAAY ahead of the game …if you look back at any “dancing” from HK singers, the difference is laughable. Kpop knows how to ride trends in all categories (music, dance, fashion) and they’re constantly evolving with time. Back then Jpop was #1 in terms of popularity but they’ve fallen back so hard because they’ve barely evolved- the fashion looks outdated, the music style isn’t trendy, they’re barely on the internet etc. Don’t even get me started on cpop music- 1 dimensional melodies that sounds like someone just sat in front of a keyboard and wrote it out in 5mins. (taiwan being an exception cause they have some legit musicians/bands). Also people like to ride the bandwagon of groups with large fandoms and they end up getting sucked into the whole kpop culture.

      2. @jintianxiayue Kpop has indeed overtaken Jpop now as the more trendy foreign music. They literally have schools for them and raise children up to become entertainers. Hard to compete lol.
        In terms of popularity, theres reports Kpop has taken over the western world, that BTS is the biggest boy band etc but the thing is, it is very much still a niche sector in the west and only popular with people that are hardcore asian culture fans.

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