ViuTV to Cast MIRROR Members in Drama, “i.SWIM”

ViuTV announced the filming of a swimming-themed drama called <i.SWIM>, featuring members from boyband MIRROR. The main casting had already started earlier, but due to the success of boys’ love drama Ossan’s Love <大叔的愛>, Anson Lo (盧瀚霆) and Edan Lui (呂爵安) are now popular choices for i.SWIM.

Both Anson and Edan have been flashing their muscular figures in endorsements and commercials recently, but it could also be in preparation for this upcoming drama. Edan was never known for having a strong build before, but he trained hard for Ossan’s Love since he has shower scenes in the drama. Sharing his topless photo on Instagram, he joked that this is the fittest he has ever been in his past 24 years. He also hopes to continue training for upcoming jobs, which could hint his desire for the lead role in i.SWIM.

During a promotional event for Ossan’s Love, they both expressed that they could not reveal casting details about ViuTV’s new drama yet.  

However, a swimming instructor leaked that Edan has been taking classes to prepare for his new role. Posting a photo of Edan on Facebook, the instructor wrote, “Hope [Edan] will have a better performance for everyone in i.SWIM. Add oil Tin Tin! Add oil Edan!”

Filming for i.SWIM will begin this summer with director Fung Chih Chiang (馮志強) taking the lead. Having directed Concerto of the Bully <大樂師•為愛配樂> in the past, this will be his first time filming a drama. ViuTV has already posted a casting call on Facebook looking for background actors with swimming skills between the ages of 15 to 25.    

Source: HK01

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