Ian Chan of MIRROR Releases V-Day Single  

A member of popular Cantopop group MIRROR, singer and actor Ian Chan (陳卓賢) released his single Breathing With You <留一天與你喘息> on Valentine’s Day, hitting 2 million views in just two and a half days!

Low-Profile Real-life Romance

Since it has been half a year since his previous song Can’t Figure Out <搞不懂>, fans were naturally excited to hear his latest work. Ian had approached Angela Yuen (袁澧林) to play the female lead in the music video. Playing mental patients from the same healthcare institution, the two were labelled as misfits by society, but find solace in each other’s company.

The MV centers on two mental patients who are labeled misfits, but take comfort in each other’s companionship.

Ian’s girlfriend, model Amy Lo (盧慧敏), expressed her feelings about the MV storyline in an online posting, “Hope we all stay crazy, without hurting people. Love insanely, feel insanely, sense insanely, live insanely,” and wishes for everyone can “find someone to be crazy with.” In a rare public display of affection, Ian expressed his affection in a comment, “I think I’ve found one.”

The two had collaborated in ViuTV series Generation Slash <無限斜棟有限公司> where they shared a kissing scene, and later admitted to dating after the paparazzi spotted them feeding each other while out on a date. Keeping a low-profile romance after that, the couple avoided being seen in the public eye, and both hardly made any reference to their relationship.

Watch the MV:
Ian 陳卓賢 《留一天與你喘息》Official Music Video – YouTube

Source: HKet

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