MIRROR Apologizes for Ruining Marriages

Hong Kong idol boyband MIRROR is experiencing an explosion in popularity, with many fans who are wives and mothers. Female fans are so dedicated to MIRROR they do not mind draining their time and wallets, making their boyfriends and husbands jealous. The 12-member boyband is even said to be “breaking up” marriages!   

A Place for Men to Vent

Recently, a Facebook group called “My wife married MIRROR, leading to the breakdown in our marriage” was formed to allow men to share their girlfriends and wives’ extreme fanaticism. The group already accumulated 243,000 members since it was formed on July 3.

The group founder, RC, shared that his wife became a MIRROR fan six months ago. They would watch all the MIRROR variety shows together, and his wife would “obsessively talk about MIRROR” until he “could not stand it anymore.” When they go out shopping, they will first consider the products that MIRROR is endorsing.

Since RC loves his wife and wants her to be happy, he does not try to stop her from star chasing, but set up a Facebook group for other men in the same predicament to vent.  His wife has not been able to persuade him to fall in love with MIRROR, but RC will continue to support the Hong Kong boyband, which has brought much happiness to locals and united fans together with a passion for Cantopop.

While the size of the Facebook group has grown explosively in five days, many of the wives have also invaded the group to track their husbands’ complaints, making some men more hesitant to share their own stories.

Nevertheless, one member posted a rant stating that his home wallpaper is now a huge poster of Keung To (姜濤). His wife would also force him to wear the same clothes as Keung To, and would even call out Jer Jer (Jeremy Lau 柳應廷) in her dreams!

MIRROR Apologizes

Responding to these rants, Keung To and Jeremy apologized, “We’re sorry for affecting everyone’s marriages! I didn’t think that we would have such a huge effect.” As some of the stories are quite hilarious, Jeremy said everyone should not take things to heart.

Keung To added, “I saw the post about the wallpaper, and think it’s quite pretty. I hope our fans’ husbands will give our music a try–maybe they’ll like it too!”

However, MIRROR urged fans to not force their husbands to spend their government incentives on the boyband and merchandise they are endorsing, as everyone should have financial freedom in deciding what to purchase.

Sources: Ming Pao [1,2]

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I thought they were a Kpop group at first as Kpop boybands are the popular trend now.

  2. Someone count the ads they have done this year alone…. Should be well over 100. McDonald’s, Cartier, LG, Haagen daaz, Shiseido, Armani, Deliveroo, banks…. They are driving the local economy lol.

  3. They are like the BTS of Hong Kong hahaha, while it seems good to be THIS popular and well-liked, it won’t be long until they encounter creepy and over the top fan interactions as some people will do ANYTHING just to see their idols or get their attention.

  4. i am not at all surprised. fans these days would do anything for their idol. this is not just hk. korea and china’s got the craziest fans.

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