Keung To Reveals How He was Rejected in High School

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In hotly airing ViuTV supernatural drama Sometimes When We Touch <超感應學園>, Keung To’s (姜濤) character, French Toast, has a crush on Eugenie Liu’s (劉奕兒) Siu Lo, who is also from the “Supernatural Sensor Society.” In real life, the 22-year-old is one of the most popular members of homegrown boyband MIRROR and an endorsement darling. It was therefore surprising to know that the star was once spurned by a girl he confessed to back in school!

Never Confessed Ever Again

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On a recent radio interview, Keung To shared how the very first scene he had to film was the confession scene he had with Eugenie. As he did not have the luxury of time to familiarize himself with his co-star and already had to make a romantic confession, he had no idea how he managed to complete the take, which was now “like a blur” to him!

Recalling his own memory of a school confession, he shared candidly, “I once confessed to a girl, but [ended up being] rejected by her, and from then on I never did so again, due to the trauma.”

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He spilled his crush’s reason for turning him down – she had told him straight, “Sorry, I’m from the Good Looks Club!” Not fully comprehending her meaning, he only realized he had likely been “too ugly” for his crush after he checked with a friend what “Good Looks Club” meant.

Looking back at the episode, Keung To is now able to see the good that came out of his setback. He reflects, “It was from then on that my resolve to lose weight and all was steeled. I’m quite thankful to her for saying that. In life, you have to run into some negative encounters, but they will definitely be beneficial for your future.”

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