Keung To Teases Fans: “I Already Have a Girlfriend”

MIRROR’s Keung To (姜濤), 24, is speculated to be dating former costar Tammy Lin (林思廷).  In a series of social media posts, the star declared, “I already have a girlfriend” in a move interpreted as testing his fans’ reactions in a eventual relationship reveal.

Keung To made several posts in which he wrote, “I don’t want to hide it anymore;” “That’s right, I already have a girlfriend” and “Thanks to everyone’s blessings.” When he finally posted a picture embracing his “girlfriend,” she turned out to be a tiny “Ginger fan”(nickname for Keung To’s fans).

Exploding into the music industry since winning ViuTV’s idol competition, Keung To is MIRROR’s most popular member. He was was previously linked to actress Candy Wong (黃曦誼) and hair stylist Lydia Yung. However, some insiders revealed all those rumors were false and Keung To has been dating Taiwanese model/actress Tammy Lin since meeting on the set of Sometimes When We Touch <超感應學園> and his music video for “Application for Love” <愛情簽證申請>.

Above: Keung To hugging his “Ginger fan” while Tammy Lin is suspected to be his real girlfriend

Denying rumors in the past, Keung To explained he does not believe in love at first sight as he needs time to develop feelings for someone. His rumors with Tammy persisted, especially after she made an appearance at the filming of his new music video for his new single, The 13th One <第13胎>.

It was speculated Keung To made his staff sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect Tammy and his privacy during the music video filming. Allegedly, he had required all staff members to hand over their cellphones during recording. Insiders then revealed that this allowed Tammy to relax during the music video.

Although Keung To may be trying to keep their relationship a secret, Tammy does not fear the public eye. Uploading photos of what seems to be the new look for Keung To’s music video, Tammy captioned her photo and said, “Half of 2023 is gone. I’m so glad I got a chance to work with someone I like during the romantic fall season. I could enjoy the sunshine at dawn. I’ll continue to work hard and sweat hard. Perhaps the next time we see each other, it’ll be a different season. I want to thank fate for allowing us to grow up together in this hourglass of time.”

Another insider also confirmed Keung To flew to Taiwan in April, September, and October of this year in meet up with Tammy. When Keung To held his concerts in Hong Kong, Tammy also flew over to support him. Although the pair never confirmed their long-distance relationship, keen-eyed netizens noticed that their photos and appearances in each other’s cities lined up and concluded the young couple saw each other at least four times in six months.

As the speculations grew, Keung To tried to put a stop to the discussions. He posted, “I’m not dating. Thanks.” Tammy’s manager also reponded, “They are not dating and are purely friends.”

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