MIRROR Completes Concert Run On High Note

Debuting in 2018 under ViuTV management, boy band MIRROR seemed to have odds stacked against their success as Hong Kong was faced with political upheaval and the ongoing pandemic. Yet, the 12-member boyband has become immensely popular and reigniting enthusiasm for Cantopop among locals. MIRROR’s appeal is intergenerational, and their mini-concert “One & All Live” was sold out to large crowds last week at Star Hall.

During their encore performance, MIRROR expressed their gratitude towards their incredible journey. Seeing fans’ enthusiasm, Edan Lui (呂爵安) stated that he is 100 percent confident MIRROR will be around for a long time. 

Tiger Yau (邱傲然) thanked his parents for their endless love and care, while Alton Wong (王智德) thanked his family for supporting him throughout this difficult path. Jeremy Lee (李駿傑) cried emotionally on stage and thanked fans for making their dreams come true. 

Just as they found success by chasing their own dreams, Stanley Yau (邱士縉), Anson Kong, and Frankie Chan (陳瑞輝) encouraged their fans that as long as they do not give up, hopes and dreams can become a reality.

Ian Chan (陳卓賢) urged fans to keep a simple heart in such a complicated world. Known for being well-spoken, Keung To (姜濤) ended by saying, “Good luck Hong Kong! Good luck to the Hong Kong music industry!” which led to a grand applause. 

Group leader Lokman Yeung (楊樂文) was very emotional throughout the concert run and proud of MIRROR’s journey. He pointed out that “one plus one is indeed larger than two” to highlight their hard work and dedication.

The crowds continued to yell, “Hong Kong Coliseum,” reiterating buzz that MIRROR may be performing at the Hong Kong Coliseum during Christmas. After Keung To and Anson Kong sang “One and All,” the 12 members yelled in unison, “We will see you all next time on a bigger stage!”

Source: East Week

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Finally an article on this. I have never seen so much dedication from fans for a HK concert. I saw videos Star Hall was completely decorated with balloons and posters and flowers. Never saw this with another HK singer. I’m glad someone in HK decided to fork out the investment to do this style of music/ boy band. Lots of talented and handsome people in this group. Is their singing and dancing better than Kpop groups? Probably not but at least there’s a local boy band singing cantopop.

    1. @bubbles23 MIRROR is really taking HK by storm. The key members received a lot of product endorsement deals–Keung To has 20 endorsements this year so far and Edan Lui has over a dozen in just one month. When ViuTV’s “Ossan’s Love” remake airs, there will be more buzz for the MIRROR actors in the drama.

      1. @jayne This is Edan’s year with a new drama and going solo. It’s going to be an exciting music award show this year as there are many male singers from King Maker 2 debuting. think cantopop has turned a corner with the emergence of Mirror and more independent singers becoming popular. I think it’s a good thing The Voice is now gone.
        Also Keung To’s popularity with brands is insane. He was wearing Cartier jewelry at the concert. I doubt even the top artists at tvb have this level of endorsements.
        His McDonald ad with Edan and Anson is hilarious.

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