MIRROR’s Edan Lui’s Cheating Rumors Blow Up

With Hong Kong boyband MIRROR successfully completing their concert run, 24-year-old Edan Lui (呂爵安) barely had time to relax before his popularity is tested with cheating rumors from his past relationship.

A “Mean” Ex-Girlfriend

It all started when his ex-girlfriend, Stephanie, recently announced her marriage on social media. Some of Edan’s fans tagged him when commenting, hoping that he would give his blessings to the new couple. However, Stephanie became angry and seemingly hinted that she was cheated on, “How about you respect me? After wearing a hat, you won’t want to care about their feelings!” She quickly deleted her comment, but netizens were even quicker and had it screen capped.

Edan’s fans then messaged Stephanie and accused her of wanting her 15 minutes of fame. In an old post, Stephanie had stated that the reason for their breakup was due to incompatibility and timing rather than being cheated on. It also seemed like they had broken up on amicably.

Stephanie replied that she will not look back at that post, and swears that she has never said a single bad thing about Edan, not even anonymously. She also warned netizens that she is very mean and to not test her limits.

Edan’s Suggestive Texts Surface

Later on a forum, a chat log that seemed to show Edan trying to find a sex partner was leaked. His comments were very suggestive, including wanting to “rub” and “eat” the other person.

As the controversies escalated, Edan posted an official response on social media, but did not confirm the authenticity of the leaked chat log. “I know that my issues are being discussed. I will not be clarifying or replying any questions in regards to my past relationships, because I don’t want to affect anyone. I hope that everyone gives us space and stops bothering them. I will continue to focus on my work. Thanks everyone.”

Stephanie quickly replied after Edan’s post and said, “He has said everything there is to say. We’ve both started new lives. I hope that there will be no further discussion on this topic. If not, I will delete the comments.”

Other Artistes’ Reactions 

A supporter of MIRROR due to his daughter being a big fan of Edan, actor/ radio personality Sammy Leung (森美) expressed shock in regards to the rumors. He stated that it was none of his business, but would be interested to hear Edan’s explanation. When reporters asked if his “son-in-law” Edan had lost any brownie points, Sammy said, “No, we need to look to the future. Don’t look back in the past. As an artiste, it’s best to be more careful in your behavior.”

Kitty Yuen (阮小儀) felt that labelling the situation as cheating based on several comments seems premature. Based on what she heard, it sounds like this all happened during Edan’s student days. “He was probably around 20 years old then. We’ve all been in many relationships when we were young, myself included. This is a sign of youth.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Woah a loaded article. Almost like a repeat of the William Chak news.
    I think this is like the first “scandal” to come out from Mirror. When you’re famous rumors gets dug up about you. If those screenshots are real then he’s pretty dumb to be using his public profile account to chat. If he cheated then sucks for him his ex made it public, oh boo.
    Him flirting around isn’t the problem but his image as a “good boy” is tarnished and his manager won’t be so happy with that.

    1. @bubbles23
      Not sure if you are into Kpop but a big issue is bullying accusations which are big too. Some actors and singers are getting canceled because of it.

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