Sammy Leung Spends HKD3 Million on Son’s Studies in England

Financially supporting his son’s overseas study ambitions, actor and DJ Sammy Leung (森美) spent an estimated 3 million Hong Kong dollars on his education expenses at the famed Brighton College over four years!

Originally opposed to the idea as he did not especially set aside money for the purpose, the 49-year-old actor eventually gave in to his son Lancelot Leung’s (梁曦乐) insistence. Sammi also expressed surprise at private tuition taking up a sizeable bulk of the costs, as he thought that only Hong Kong had a strong tutoring culture.

Luckily, the exorbitant fees spent on Lancelot’s private tutoring to prepare for A-level examinations paid off as he scored an impressive four distinctions!

“Happy” that His Son Got Disciplined

Speaking in hindsight, Sammy shared that he would definitely save up for his children’s education in advance if he had another chance, as he realized from experience that there were many additional expenses – such as that of switching academic courses, or equipment and kit costs as Lancelot joined rugby interest class.

As the collage uses a mobile app to keep parents informed, Sammy shared with good humor about how he once received a notification that his son was being punished with detention for being distracted in class. Reacting with happiness instead of getting mad, the actor explained that it meant that “(he) could still be saved, I had been worried that UK schools would adopt a more lenient approach.”

Feels It Was Money Well-Spent

Reminding parents who plan on sending their kids overseas to set aside finances early, the father of two feels it was money well-spent. Lancelot’s confidence levels and grades greatly improved, as did his self-discipline and self-management abilities, and he also “changed to have his own opinions.” Now back at the University of Hong Kong studying to become a doctor, Sammy’s son hopes to return to England to obtain a master’s degree.

With his 17-year-old daughter Charisse Leung (梁曦童) completing her schooling in Hong Kong next year before deciding on whether to study overseas, Sammy jokes that he can retire “within a year” if she were to choose a local university. He has experienced symptoms such as breathing difficulties and brain fog while hosting, since testing positive for Covid in early May.

Source: Topick HKHK01

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  1. UK schools are discouraging parents from spending on private tutors to get better grades. A child should not have a better balanced life and not just studying..
    they need time to wind down and have other hobbies… And time to grown and know themselves. Results are not everything.
    But he is right, there are increasingly more and more tutoring serviced being engaged.

  2. Never even heard that this is a thing here. It’s definitely not a strong culture or demand for private tuition like he describes in the UK. The difference between the well off and poor are that we have grammar and private schools that you might expect better tutoring in. Kids (rich and poor) are expected to do spend extra time on extra curricular activities like sports after school, not tutoring.

    The fact that he spent that extortionate amount of money on just a college qualification and not even University seems a waste. I guess he needs to double that amount when his son goes to Uni….

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