Sammy Leung Had a Cancer Scare

Although there was quite a bit of media buzz for TVB series Ratman to the Rescue <過街英雄> at the time it was filmed, the drama was ultimately shelved for two years before finally securing its current broadcast slot. Starring Sammy Leung (森美) in the titular superhero role, the actor recalls the phone call from the director two years ago and remembers worrying about leading a drama for the first time.

Known for his outspoken personality as a radio personality, Sammy also hosts variety shows with his trademark humor. “My strong suit is not acting–it’s my creative abilities. That’s why I added some humorous lines in the drama to add more comedy. I’m also worried about my onscreen partner Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) since all of her previous costars were handsome men. I have a bit of stage fright and I definitely owe Priscilla. She probably thinks she did something wrong, and that’s why she landed me as a costar,” Sammy joked.

While this may be Sammy’s first time as male lead in a TVB drama, the actor-host had already played a leading role in a movie called My Sweetie <甜絲絲>, which also stars Gaile Lok (樂基兒) and Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣). Sammy joked, “I think Gaile kissed me even before Leon Lai (黎明),” referring to the star’s ex-husband.

Sammy’s Cancer Scare

Despite his sunny personality, Sammy’s greatest test came with his cancer scare two years ago. His dentist warned him that Sammy may have skin cancer and urged him to get tested immediately. Sammy said, “There was some black patchy skin near my mouth, and my dentist told me to go see a specialist. I was curious and told him that my dog had the same thing. He said this is not common among humans and he thinks that it might be cancerous, perhaps a type of skin cancer. If the tumor were inside the mouth, the death rate is a lot higher and it could mean only two years left to live. There were very few cases in Hong Kong, but I read a lot of articles and there were many professional studies on this.”

As he researched online about his health condition, Sammy became increasingly anxious. His wife was his emotional support and both of them prayed every night. The couple kept Sammy’s tumor a secret from their 16-year-old son since he was studying abroad in England, but their 12-year-old daughter knew. Thinking about his family and how much he has not done yet with his two children, Sammy recalled, “My daughter was in the study room one day and I just sat outside her door. When she asked what I was doing, I just said, ‘Don’t mind me, just continue doing your homework, I just want to sit and look at you.”

Waiting two months for the test results to come back was pure agony for Sammy. Fortunately, the tumor turned out to benign – but if he were to leave the black-colored skin patch and not undergo surgery, his conditions may have worsened.

Thankful that his worst times have passed, Sammy has since become a fitness enthusiast and makes sure to eat healthily. Returning to work, he was in his best shape in the third installment of popular reality program Sammy On The Go <森美旅行團> and entertaining to watch in Ratman to the Rescue.

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

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