How Sammy Leung Got Rid of His Son’s Rebellious Streak

Married couple of 20 years and counting, Sammy Leung (森美) and Veronica Chan (陳雅嫻) have a 17-year-old son Lancelot (曦樂) and a 13-year-old daughter Charisse (曦童). Labeling himself as a tiger dad, Sammy is not only successful in the entertainment industry, but he also has a way of nurturing his children into true talents. After all, the 46-year-old DJ host and actor managed to turn his rebellious son into a scholar in one swift.

When Lancelot was attending middle school in Hong Kong, Sammy and Veronica were very worried about the stress imposed on him by the academic institution. Sammy feared that his son might also have ADHD like himself, which can affect one’s ability to concentrate. Although the couple tried to discipline their son, his grades were only satisfactory, and Lancelot became very rebellious. Once, he spray-painted the school’s gymnasium for fun, and as a result, he received a penalty for his outlandish behavior.

Lancelot ended his rebellious streak after Sammy arranged for him to join the Hong Kong St. John Ambulance Brigade to receive disciplinary training. Turning over a new leaf, Lancelot told his parents of his desire to study abroad in England. After consideration of their son’s wellbeing, Sammy made the difficult decision to send Lancelot to Brighton College in England to develop his independence three years ago. There, Lancelot participated in an army training camp where he learned to use a gun and combat. The discipline from this training changed him immensely, and his grades began to improve significantly.

Last year, Lancelot completed his GCSE, and he scored high with 11 A’s. This year, he transferred to Concord College, which has a better reputation and ranking in the United Kingdom. The school is known for its high academics, and many of their students are usually accepted into prestigious universities like Oxford and Cambridge.

Aside from his son, Sammy’s daughter Charisse also excels in school. Currently, she is studying at a prestigious school in Hong Kong and is achieving amazing grades. She even took part in NASA’s elite space camp in 2017.

Source: EastWeek

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  1. certainly a method i would try to fix my rebellious kid if i had the money. just send him far away enough that i’d only see him couple times a year. i wouldn’t mind since i don’t really have to deal with the teaching.

  2. I have 2 teenage daughters, my method to keep them well behave is treat them like a kite, let them go free but at the same time, hold the string tight. Growing up, there’s only “yes/no” in the house, NO “what”. I spoil them but at the same time, they have to do “good” no need “well” in school. Well behave and do their chores accordingly. Now 1 senior & 1 sophomore, still ask for permission for everything they want to do or go. Even ask me permission to eat junk food

    1. @myxx Well, as a parent he did something right. haha I mean if JS reports on couples going grocery shopping having smart kids is certainly more newsworthy!! lol hahhaa

  3. Technically he didn’t do any teaching just sent his kid to a boot camp basically and they did the teaching for him.

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