Sammy Leung Lets His Wife Manage All the Finances

Not knowing his exact financial situation also keeps him driven every day, he says.

Actor and DJ personality, Sammy Leung (森美), has always been known for his financial prudence. During a recent interview, he shared about the most romantic thing he did for his wife of 24 years, Veronica Chan (陳雅嫻), and why he willingly lets her manage all his finances. 

Romantic Proposal in Paris

According to the 46-year-old, the most romantic thing he did for Veronica was to propose to her in Paris, the city of romance.  Although his proposal nearly “ended in a breakup” due to the two arguing on a balcony cafe over the correct pronunciation of the word “snail” in French.

Constantly “Penniless” Philosophy

Sammy thinks that his wife might feel that the most moving gesture he has done was to trust her with the family finances and pass her all his income. Joking that he is penniless and needs to ask his wife for money, Sammy is nevertheless comfortable with handing his entire monthly income to her, as he admits that he has “zero concept of money.”

“I think this is quite good. When I was young, I’d pass all my money to my mom. After marriage, I pass it to my wife,” said the actor, who adds that his approach of always keeping in mind that he is financially sapped helps prevent him from spending excessively.

Besides it being a practical approach, Sammy also prefers to remain hungry and driven by not having the full knowledge of his actual financial status. “I feel that one is happiest when maintaining pureness of heart. I’ve no idea about the specifics of my own finances–neither does my wife tell me about it. I only ‘know’ that I am penniless and thus will just go out and do my best every day. When you feel that you have no money, you would retain that pureness of heart,” Sammy added that his wife manages all his bills including his Octopus transit card, credit cards, and also his mobile phone.

Taking jibes at himself, the actor summed up another reason behind entrusting his wife with his earnings, saying, “This is the best financial management approach to me. Men are all the same–they will be “itchy” whenever they get rich!”

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