Sammy Leung Shares Sweet Photo of His Wife

Sammy Leung (森美) rarely talks about his wife in public, but recently he posted a picture of her. It turns out that his wife, Veronica Chan (陳雅嫻), used to be a child actress, but decided to leave the industry to take care of her family. The actor attributes that Veronica is the reason behind his success.

A pretty girl, Veronica began acting as a child actress in the drama A Family Affair <全家福> in 1984. She then transitioned to hosting children variety shows before becoming a DJ, and met Sammy in 1994. During that time, Sammy entered a DJ competition and began his career.

In a recent interview, Sammy shared that he has already known his wife for 24 years. He still remembers her sweet personality as she passed juice boxes to all the contestants. At the time, Veronica approached Sammy asking him to help tie a bow in the back of her dress. He joked, “It all started with tying a knot!”

The two got married in 2000, but he never announced it to the public until 2003 when he became a father. In order to take care of her husband and children, Veronica decided to stop her career. Though she was a former child actress, Veronica is now very camera shy which is why Sammy doesn’t usually post her photos online. Sammy hopes to reduce his workload to spend more time with his family.

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