“Ossan’s Love’s” Finale is Full of Sweetness


ViuTV’s boys love drama Ossan’s Love <大叔的愛> aired its final episode on July 16, with a satisfying resolution for all the main characters’ relationships.

The finale sees KK (Kenny Wong 黃德斌) and Tin (Edan Lui 呂爵安), at the brink of their wedding ceremony. Muk (Anson Lo 盧瀚霆), is also in love with Tin and takes an extended leave from work in order to avoid the heartbreak of seeing Tin marry KK.

KK’s sincere and genuine love is evident in his wedding letter to Tin. In the letter, KK writes: “After the wedding ceremony, I will now call you my husband. It’s a little odd, but in my heart, I am the one marrying you, so would I take your last name? Changing my name will come afterward, but I want to take this opportunity to be a little cheesy. You are straightforward and aggressive, but also silly. You are gentle and honest, but also silly and cute. You love to eat and often overreact. Although you are humble, there are times when you are quite cool and manly. After being with you this past year, I feel very happy and I like you very much. I will like and love you forever. The last thing I want to say is…being able to know you is the biggest fortune and happiness of my life.”

During the wedding ceremony, however, Tin grows increasingly nervous. When the wedding officiant announces that the newlyweds may now kiss, Tin’s mind suddenly plays out many past memories with Muk. He realizes that the one he truly loves is Muk.

KK also realizes this and tearfully says, “Today and in this sacred place, you cannot lie. If you do not truly love me, I would not be happy [even if we get married]. Go and find Muk! He has already taken an extended leave to go to Tai O. Go and find him. Don’t worry. I have already cancelled the wedding reception. I’ve been your boss for so many years. I know what you are thinking.”

After hearing this and apologizing to KK, Tin leaves the church in search of Muk. In reality, however, KK had not cancelled the wedding reception, but simply wants Tin to seek out his own happiness.

Still in his wedding attire, Tin finds Muk and confesses his feelings. The two friends-turned-lovers finally get together. The drama ends with the duo leaving for Taiwan to work at the company’s realty branch.

Other supporting characters also have their happy endings. KK’s ex-wife Francesca (Rachel Kan 簡慕華 ) agrees to Louis’ (Stanley Yau 邱士縉) proposal. Tze Chin (Asha Cuthbert) finds her true love, while Carmen (Florica Lin 練美娟) and Pierre (Alan Yeung 楊偉倫) continue to be a sweet couple.

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I’m honestly sad this has finally come to an end. Now it’s back to TVB. I watched Plan B though i like Jonathan Cheung and Yoyo, I can’t stand Eliza in this show. Maybe I’ll try Murder Diary now :/

  2. I really enjoy this series. It is light hearted and entertaining. I think Rachel Kan is extremely good and Asha Cuthbert too. I only wish that Tin (or the guy who plays his character) doesn’t have an exaggerated expression or reaction in every single scene. It might be part of the script. If it is, I wonder why…

    1. @Summerdale The characters are modeled after the original Japanese drama, “Ossan’s Love”. Tin’s character is meant to be confused in love, and his exaggerated expressions provide much of the humor in the ViuTV remake while the rest of the cast’s acting is more “normal.” While watching the drama, Edan Lui’s acting reminded me a lot of Stephen Chow which made me look forward to his scenes the most.

      Kenny and Rachel’s performances are both very solid, but Edan is the real scene stealer in the show.

      The cast are all fitting for their roles, but I felt that Edan, Anson Lo, and Asha Cuthbert tend to mumble their lines. Perhaps the microphones used on set are a bit weak, but without reading subtitles, I would sometimes miss what they said.

      A minor complaint is that Edan always looks very tight-lipped and forced in his kisses with Anson, even in their ending scene.

      I look forward to Edan’s future projects–comedy is definitely his strength!

  3. As a frequent BL watcher, this is a very non-typical BL (kudos to the original script writer). Most BLs are very cheesy but Ossan is more of comedy which better cater to more general masses, hence i think the popularity despite being aired in Hong Kong.

    The whole drama made you smile and happy, like their producers mentioned, they wish to bring happiness to the audience in that 45 minutes which they did.

    I think everyone was very well casted for their roles, Edan especially, i think its not easy to find an actor with his type of comedic portrayal, which fits perfectly with Tin. The story also flows pretty well despite being only 15 episodes.

    My complains are the cast of Darren, he is very unconvincingly gay and he’s pretty stoic in his scenes, which is a turn off for me. Kenny can definitely deliver better in their emotional scenes but i think because this drama was meant to be a comedy and thus some of his crying scenes became very comedic except for the last episodes.

    AND YES, Edan looked very unnatural kissing Anson, wish he could relax more and i need more of their sweet scenes together !

  4. I know this drama is very very different from Murder Diary but it’s so much more enjoyable. what a breakthrough for HK drama series! Pretty much everyone had a great performance in the drama. Even George who showed up as a cameo as SK, surprisingly good for his first. Really hope they make a season 2 or a film version. Everyone on their instagram is asking for a French kiss version hahaha.

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