“Ossan’s Love’s” Asha Cuthbert Opens Up About Sexual Orientation

ViuTV’s boys’ love drama Ossan’s Love <大叔的愛> has been praised for its comedic storyline, with several breakthrough performances for its cast. In addition to boosting the popularity of MIRROR’s Edan Lui (呂爵安) and Anson Lo (盧瀚霆), the drama has also brought Asha Cuthbert (徐㴓喬) to the limelight. As opposed to her character in the drama who is hesitant and insecure, Asha instead embraces the “less talk, more action” approach to life and opens up about her sexual orientation in a recent interview.

Parents Were Shocked by Her Admission

The British-Filipino actress realized she is bisexual since 13 years old. “I didn’t tell my family until I was 18 or 19 years old. My mother was very resistant to it. She is Filipino and also a devout Catholic, so she doesn’t quite understand the whole concept. She just kept blaming herself. It took some time to show my mom that this is something that’s natural to me. My father is more open-minded about it though.”

Raise Awareness for LGBT Community

Asha is vocal in her support for the LGBT community, and hopes more Hong Kongers “will stand up and be courageous to support the cause eventually.” She feels that more people opening up will result in wider acceptance. “There’s no need to force people out of the closet, but I feel that you shouldn’t be afraid to speak up about it. There are people around you that will support you. Don’t be afraid! Unfortunately, I feel that the public’s reaction to these types of announcements are mainly negative. Perhaps we need to give them more time.”

Currently dating Seth, who is a transgender man, Asha took the opportunity to educate the public about transgender pronouns. “He is my boyfriend. Internally, he identifies himself as a man, so he is my boyfriend. Basically, you are deleting the gender he was born with. A lot of people embrace this change in themselves and are proud of their transgender identity. Many of my friends also make pronoun mistakes, because we don’t talk about it enough.”

Asha has considered registering for marriage with Seth outside of Hong Kong. “We are not sure when yet. We’ve been dating for about three years now. The most important thing is to have our parents be there as witnesses. Because of the pandemic, I have not seen my parents for almost two years.”

The couple also wants to have children in their family. “We want to have children and have talked about adopting. Perhaps because I am an only child, I feel that one child is enough for me! However, Seth wants three or four children. I would rather adopt more pets, like cats and dogs.”

Source: HK01

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. she’s a youtuber. her channel popped up in the past few days, don’t know the reason. she’s been on youtube for more than a decade. thought she looked familiar when i saw her on youtube. she’s lucky to break into the small screen.

  2. Impressed by her strength to come out like this. I hope that being a visible LGBTQ celebrity dating a transgender man, she will help others overcome their biases and protect those who are vulnerable.

  3. i have subscribed to her youtube for quite a long time now. and was very glad to see her in ossan’s love. admire her for being so open and educating people about LGBTQ.

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