Twists & Turns in “Taxi Driver 2” Episode 15

Keeping viewers on edge with its interplay of justice and vengeance delivered through breathtaking action scenes, the penultimate episode of SBS’s Taxi Driver 2 continued its ratings streak, capturing a nationwide viewership of 15.7%, with a highest real-time peak of 20.4%.

Episode 15 Highlights

Set up by bogus client Bishop (Park Hosan), Do-Gi (Lee Je-hoon) finds himself trapped by the Geumsa Organization for intervening in their schemes. He valiantly hangs on, narrowly escaping death by fighting all the inmates. He finally comes to the police chief’s room where Ha-joon (Shin Jae-ha) is, but it is revealed that three of the rainbow crew mates Jin-eon, Kyung-goo and Go-eun are kidnapped…

Do-Gi appears to talk to Ha-joon then asks him about the time; the TV comes on and Si-wan is seen testifying in the Black Sun case. It turns out Do-Gi had guessed the cult’s schemes beforehand, and together with Kim Eui-sung deliberately halts Ha-joon and the Bishop to buy time. Making use of the chance, Ahn Go Eun, Mr. Park and Mr. Choi subdues the culprits and sends the real witness Si-wan to the courts. Realizing he had been the one fooled, a fuming Ha-joon grabs the chief’s gun, and threatens to finish Do-Gi off with his own hands.

In the trailer to the season finale, Ha-joon is abandoned by the cult, yet still declares his vengeance to Do-Gi just before being imprisoned, “Wait till I leave this place…I will kill you and everyone related to you.” When the Bishop prepares to kill Do-Gi, a taxi suddenly appears out of nowhere helmed by a no. 1 driver – in a precious cameo appearance by Kim So-yeon

Season 3 In the Works
In previous footage released, Lee Je-hoon admitted that golf was unfamiliar to him and mentions that he’d like to learn a little more of the sport before “Taxi Driver 3”, raising anticipation of a next season. On April 16, news was then confirmed by production team. More details soon!


Source: KoreaStarDaily

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