Bosco Wong Reopens His Oyster Bar Restaurant

Beside his acting career, Hong Kong artiste Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) dipped his hands in investment properties and restaurant businesses. While Bosco’s oyster bar OysterMine suffered significant loss due to the pandemic, Bosco had not given up and finally reopened his restaurant on April 8th.

Bosco arrived at his restaurant in a luxury car and was dressed to impress. To celebrate the occasion, Bosco prepared a roast pig and held a prayer ceremony. The restaurant’s reopening attracted many fans and Bosco was more than happy to take pictures and took requests for photographs.

Bosco does not take being an owner lightly and personally took the opportunity to greet his customers. When some Mainland netizens came to visit, Bosco personally drank with the customer and emptied nine bottles of wine and one bottle of Maotai. The gesture impressed his fans and made them feel Bosco’s hospitality.

Source: HK01

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  1. The menu has a few dishes I am keen to try…Maybe I should fly my private jet to HK next weekend… Maybe Bosco will drink with me too. Lol…dreaming…

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