Bosco Wong Prefers Independent Girls

Interviewed on radio recently, actor Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) shares the truth about his singlehood and his foray into singing back in 2008!

Besides recounting how he left TVB in 2018, Bosco also revealed how going into singing back in 2008 was not his intention. He recalls, “Didn’t know how I became a singer, when I was young it wasn’t my turn to speak, (Ms. Lok) said she’ll help me put out songs, and the rest of the siusangs and fadans also did the same, I just followed orders. I actually had no spare time due to filming, I had just 3 days to learn the song and dance moves,” said Bosco, who brought up how he once learnt the steps to a dance from the instructor on location in Central, and filmed the MV right after!

Duet with Eason Chan Continuously Mocked by Netizens

Looking back at that King of Karaoke <K歌之王> duet with singer Eason Chan (陳奕迅) in 2018 which became the butt of mockery by netizens and keyboard warriors, Bosco recalls being horribly stressed by the prospect of performing live opposite Eason without any serious rehearsals. Breaking out in an anxiety attack, Bosco told Eason, “Can you please help, I’m really not familiar,” to which the latter replied, “No problem! Not to worry!” On hindsight, Bosco said his performance was “totally normal”, since he was not a singer by training and had not practised at all. “Why would I mind, I’m happy everyone still remembers!” said Bosco, who even did a commercial in 2019 which poked fun at the episode.

Potential Girlfriends Have to Get Past His Mom First

Known for being filial and having a keen eye for investments, Bosco was also acknowledged for being a good boss in his F&B ventures, but has not had any public relationships since his breakup with Myolie Wu (胡杏兒). Asked if he is envious of good friend Raymond Lam who has already formed a family, the 42-year-old said, “I’ve so many friends and am so busy, I’m never lonely during holidays as (my friends) hold many home parties,” Having grown up in a single-parent family, Bosco admits that he has never thought about the ages at which he ought to settle down, or how many kids he would have. His mother, too, does not put pressure on him. However, he spillee that she has helped him turn down many “potential girlfriends”!

Listing his dating criteria, Bosco states that his significant other must not mind the limelight that comes with his celebrityhood. He also would not want her to be too submissive or coy, preferring those who can take care of themselves. Having a tidy streak, he would hate allow anyone to mess up his skincare products which are immaculately arranged in his bathroom, and adds that he typically “speaks little” when he gets home.

While he has not consciously counted how many years he has been single, he revealed that he has been on the dating radar these years. Though he remains open to dating, an one-time incident made him more cautious when taking the initiative to make new friends. “I had friends who brought new faces to a gathering; being at the same table, I made conversation out of courtesy – but this person later shared what I said online, which got misconstrued and became fodder for news. However, I am still open to making friends, getting to know each other better first is a must.”

Source: Mingpao

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  1. Poor Bosco, wanting to make friend just to be used for news and smeared. Hope he find someone decent! Lol anyone who cares for their skin will do this, my friend also has arranged her skin care products very neatly in the bathroom, I just put it down to hongki and their beauty regime xD as oppose to her husband (also a hongki), hes very neat with his lego display and no one can touch xD he doesnt care about anything else but that xD

  2. Handsome? Yes. Successful? Yes. Confusing? Also yes. Toxic? Yes, yes.
    He is not ready to settle and he dates Vanessa Yeung who is 10 years older.
    He is a playboy or extremely flirty and Myoile said she does not trust him when she was in tears announcing their breakup, but he likes good girls who can pass his mom’s test.
    I think significantly younger than him and on the flirtier side is what fits him and hence Rose Chan was the right match.

    1. I would not say he is toxic and playboy or not, who knows? You trust Myolie that much? Being flirty does not mean you are a playboy, especially if you know your limits. But they have broken years ago and if she can move on and even invited him to her wedding then it shows she lets bygones be bygones. Why can’t the public and fans do the same?

      1. Being overly flirty is not appropriate if you’re in a committed relationship. And how about the part where he had 2 phones and would go clubbing with other girls behind Myolie’s back ..

      2. How do you know he has 2 phones? If he did, then he got what he deserved and Myolie is now married and happy while he is still single. But marriage and kids is not everyone’s goal. Maybe he just wants to focus on work? If Myolie can forgive and move on then why doesn’t everyone else? Especially when it does not involve them.

  3. He’s the other Ekin Cheng lol. I forget when Ekin got married, but Bosco is his next protege. Maybe the same for Ron Ng except at least Ron makes his potential gfs known.

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