Ron Ng’s Awkward Meet and Greet with Fans

A steady presence in TVB dramas in the 2000s, Ron Ng (吳卓羲) has since diverted his career focus to China while occasionally filming for Shaw Brothers and Hong Kong movies. Due to his handsome looks and strong build, Ron has always been a fan favorite. At a meet-and-greet, Ron attracted a large number of young of female fans. The crowded space resulted in an “oh no” moment for Ron, who looked visibly embarrassed.

The 43-year-old actor remained friendly and took initiative to wave and say hi to fans. From clips shared online, the female fans in attendance were attractive and dressed in tight, revealing clothing. They also were very enthusiastic and eager to get close to Ron. Although friendly, Ron remained cautious and stayed a few feet apart.

Keen-eyed netizens took note of Ron’s awkward hand placement in front his sensitive area in several video clips. Perhaps owing to his oversized pants and less-than-ideal camera angle, Ron appeared to have a bulge in his pants despite the big crowd present.

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