Raymond Lam “Jealous” Over Ron Ng’s Newfound Bromance

Going on popular Chinese reality show Call Me By Fire S2 <披荊斬棘2>, chummy pals and familiar faces Raymond Lam (林峯) and Ron Ng (吳卓羲) are one of the season’s highlights. Following on from the previous episodes where Ron picked up swear words while learning song lyrics in Fujian dialect from frontman of Chinese rock band Ren Ke (仁科), the two continued their training in recent episodes.

As Ren Ke lacks prior stage performing experience, and would often lag behind during the group’s rehearsals, Ron exclaimed that the process was “exhausting” yet at the same time very enjoyable. “(I’m) quite happy, because I only practise for him. I really thank Ren Ke, that kind of happiness overshadows fatigue, I really enjoy the process and (let me) take it as a good memory,”





Taking good care of his brother during their break time, Ron was shown thoughtfully massaging Ren Ke’s back during heartwarming moments. As the two held hands tight and gazed at each other during their song performance, Ron’s old buddy Raymond was captured looking somewhat forlorn at his good friend’s display of brotherhood!

Ron: Guys need besties, too!

When it was time for Ron’s solo performance, however, Raymond excitedly cheered his buddy on and looked genuinely delighted— the two’s two-decade-long friendship goes way back to their TVB days and was planted during the filming of 2004’s Twin of Brothers <大唐雙龍傳>. Raymond’s candid facial expressions prompted netizens to poke fun at the father of one, as they traded comments that he looked positively “jealous” at Ren Ke and Ron’s newfound “bromance”, with “all his emotions are clearly captured in his eyes”.

Ron Shares TVB’s Crazy Filming Schedules Back in the Days
Sharing his rich experiences of filming back at TVB with Johnnie Zhang (張峻寧) and Ren Ke, Ron recalled his highest record of going sleepless for seven days straight. “I’d do makeup at 6am, get to work by 7am and then film till six plus in the evening, then return to the studio for a quick meal, after that film back in studio till 5 plus am, before taking half an hour to go back home and shower, and take another half an hour to drive back to do makeup, that was how the day went,”

When his companions expressed shock at the impossible filming schedule, Ron shared how instead of complaining, he genuinely treasured the onscreen chances he had. “(There was) no choice back then at TVB, if you don’t want to do it, there’re many others queuing for the chance, right? If you have the chance yet still (complain), you’ll be lambasted, y’ know?”

Source: HK.On.CC

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    1. you are so right. I wonder why…. They say people who’s had plastic surgery will show signs of it as they age. Looking at his face, it looks that it is just normal aging and don’t see any signs of PS.

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