Raymond Lam Transforms into a Family Man

After getting married in 2019, Raymond Lam (林峯) and Carina Zhang (張馨月) welcomed their daughter Luna. Over time, Raymond slowly evolved from his previous “chok” persona into a loving husband and father.

Recently Raymond finished filming Modern Dynasty 2 <家族榮耀之繼承者> and accompanied Carina to see Jolin Choi’s (蔡依林) concert. Carina excitedly shared on social media, “I finally made up the regret of not seeing Jolin’s concert four years ago. Thanks to my husband–love you.”

Carina and his daughter’s cuteness have successfully tamed Raymond. Other than work, he spends all his time with them. At the beginning of the year, Raymond and Carina accompanied their daughter on the first day at school. After school, the trio went to the supermarket together.

Fans also vouch that Raymond is very loving towards his family. A netizen bumped into the couple at Chengdu airport where they saw Carina pouting. Immediately giving into Carina’s antics, Raymond hugged her like he was cheering up his daughter. While Raymond handled their luggage and bags, Carina embarked on the plane freely with only her luxury bag.

In mid-August during a filming break, Raymond took Carina and their daughter to a zoo in Malaysia. Raymond held onto his daughter’s hand the entire time and helped Carina carry her bag.

Since becoming a father, Raymond is no longer as fixated on his appearance. A photo has been circulating online that shows signs of Raymond’s receding hairline.

In an interview, Raymond shared marriage has brought more stability to his life. Once he returns home, he feels everything is worth it and his family are his motivation to work hard.

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This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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