Chrissie Chau and Karena Ng: The Leading Ladies of “White War”

The currently airing ViuTV action drama White War <戰毒> is receiving a lot of attention for its star-studded cast. Acting alongside Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), Ron Ng (吳卓羲), and Kenny Kwan (關智斌) are leading ladies Chrissie Chau (周秀娜) and Karena Ng (吳千語). Playing a cop and a villain respectively, the two actresses gushed about their roles in the web series.

Since Chrissie’s character is a villain who has to conceal her identity, she got to experiment with a variety of looks, including sexy evening wear, business casual attire, and also the outfit of a reporter. The expansive wardrobe allowed her to enhance the complexity and diversity of her character. The actress disclosed that she didn’t have to wear clothes from her own closet, and she gave input when the wardrobe department was putting together her outfits for the drama.

She said, “My role is very secretive, which is why they gave me so many different looks. I am like an onion – my true identity slowly comes to light through each layer peeled. It is very exciting, and I am so happy that I got to play this character.”

As Chrissie’s character attempts to seduce Bosco’s in the series, the actress consulted him for acting tips throughout the filming process, and she is thankful for his help. Chrissie expressed that her ending with Bosco and the action-packed scenes involving explosions and guns are the most memorable for her.

Karena Receives Positive Feedback

Aside from Chrissie, Karena also has a prominent role in the drama. Playing a police officer and the ex-girlfriend of Bosco, the starlet took part in many action scenes. She said firing a gun was quite interesting.

Many viewers praised Karena for her emotional acting in the scene where she cries when Bosco reveals his identity to her. However, her most memorable scene was when she visits Kenny in prison. She expressed, “In the drama, we play long-time best friends. [Kenny’s character] has always liked me and protected me. Seeing my best friend end up like that was impactful.”

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  1. Im currently watching the White wars not to bad and I like watching Chrissie she pretty her acting is okay not a fan of karena tho

  2. I know is another story about triads and drugs but it’s actually pretty good. Bosco and Ron are great in it and I don’t mind Chrissie and Karena. Kenny is a bit meh for me here tho

  3. Loving the drama so far!! Bosco is goood!! Only 8 episodes left… hoping for a happy ending !!

  4. I like chrissie here but I don’t feel like she is a female lead here. White war markets chrissie as the female lead but she doesn’t really have much scenes and doesn’t appear till after episode 14. karena is more of a female lead than chrissie here. I would say the real female lead is zhang ya Zhuo she has the most scenes here.

    1. @holiday I agree, Zhang Ya Zhuo is more of a female lead in terms of story & scenes. Karena doesnt even have a story. She just appears with the rest of the cops & say some lines here and there. Zhang Ya Zhuo is much better than Karena in terms of acting…

  5. I take back my comment about Karena her character is getting kinda pathetic and annoying in the later episodes. Which is sad, they always do this to female characters :/

  6. Have watched 16 episodes now. 3 episodes from Chrissie, allready convinced me from his acting improvement. Karena not! Really really bad. All her scenes are just mueh and tssss… that other girl have charisma and it’s watchable.

    Credits to all those green leafs.
    Especially the one who play Prince!! MakBao is awesome and funny as leader of those 3 cops.

  7. I started watching this series and it’s actually really good. Great casting for the villains. Zhang Ya Zhuo is super cute. Really enjoying her arc with Ron. I wish this series replaced Flying Tigers lol. Everyone’s actually got spark but Karena is a letdown. Maybe it’s her character but it’s evident they are trying to push her as lead but she serves almost no purpose in this drama.

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