Karena Ng Confirms Wedding in 2024

Karena Ng (吳千語) has been dating businessman Brian Shi (施伯雄) for six years. The couple are even guests on Chinese reality show, Viva La Romance 2023 <愛的修學旅行>. On the show, Karena and Brian both fielded tough questions and chatted about their upcoming wedding next year.

Prior to dating Brian, Karena had dated Raymond Lam (林峯). Even years after their split, Karena and Raymond’s names are often linked. Due to Karena’s negative rumors and criticism regarding her materialistic behavior, she often received flack for focusing on dating rich men instead of improving her acting skills and lacking a representative work as an actress.

In response to this, Karena boldly answered on the show, “I’m my own representative work. It doesn’t matter what I do–there’s nothing more important than my own happiness or the happiness of my significant other. I don’t really care what others say about me–I’m only doing what I should and need to do.”

Since Karena possessed an ability to pick great men to date, many urged her to release a book to share tips on finding love. Shrugging, Karena explained she was not an expert, but she was proud to have never dated a player. She would give a lot of thought before heading into a relationship and that alone filtered out a lot of players.

Despite the endless speculations on her being pregnant, Karena has always proved the rumors to be false. On the show, when asked whether she would consider having children, she deflected the question to Brian, who gave a flawless answer.

He said, “Every time someone says she’s pregnant, I’m a little happier. Since Karena never gains weight, [it demonstrates she is in] a happy relationship in gaining that relationship weight. When it comes to children, more planning needs to be involved. I do have thoughts but it really depends on her work schedule. Since women are the ones getting pregnant, they’re the ones affected the most. If she has her own job, it’s most important to respect her. I just hope it’ll happen at one point in time.”

Leaving the most anticipated question for last, Karena admitted they are already planning for their wedding in 2024.

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This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

Karena Ng Moves into Luxury Home

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  1. I use to think one of the Country I grew up in (I moved around abit) is quite luxury driven and some people can be materialistic.
    But recently, in the current Country I am living in, there is a huge migrations of Hongkongers with their families due to special Visa. I noticed and learn from observing and speaking to many of them, they are brought up to be quite Brand conscience. Wearing and owning designer item is really normal. They dont break their bank owning them, they would not buy fakes but they do buy luxury brands as I would buy a Zara… To them, it is just part of their monthly budget. Again, I need to stress, they are not breaking the bank nor over budgeting. It is just normal for them. I then realised it is really hard to judge if one is materialistic. To them, it is just getting a better value for money. And if they earn the money, it is down to how they plan to spend it. Not for me to judge.
    Of course, many do learn after migrating, they have much less expenditure cash… high tax, high rent, mortgage, transportation, even a blo*dy sandwich with very little filling is expensive, eating out is a luxury, even food delivery is a luxury. They need to learn to adapt to a complete new lifestyle.

    1. I used to think another gf of mine was pretty materialistic. She wants everything she owns to be brand name and it felt obnoxious and tacky to me at the time. Later, I learned the reasons she does this – 1) She buys brand name bags as investments so that she can resell for higher prices if needed, 2) She has major paranoia about quality of things if they’re not brand names – she thinks QC of expensive things will be better and the quality of them, too and 3) Expensive things projects an image of themselves to others (self-respect or whatever.) It’s still materialistic of her IMO, but at least it’s not without cause.

      I’m not bothered about brand names. Sometimes out of vanity, I will purchase a few items. But in general, I am happy with everyday brands or even no brand names. Even if I’m filthy rich, I will still feel the same way.

      For Karena, there are a lot of rumors about her being materialistic. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I’ve always liked the way she spoke about herself. With her being in ebiz, she needs to uphold a certain image, so I can see the why behind the materialism. But to be honest who doesn’t like pretty things? If she can afford them, good for her.

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