Karena Ng and Brian Shi Get Married

Dating for five years, Karena Ng (吳千語) and wealthy third-generation businessman Brian Shi (施伯雄) quietly tied the knot on December 16. They had an intimate ceremony with their family members, promising the official wedding celebration will take place in 2024.

On variety show, Viva La Romance 2023  <愛的修學旅行>, Brian had revealed his family initially opposed the relationship, but Karena eventually won them over. Karena was labelled a “gold-digger” when she dated Raymond Lam (林峯) due to the large gap between their income and family backgrounds. Her penchant for designer labels, luxury travel, and preference in dating rich men added to her materialistic reputation.

When Karena first dated Brian, the Shi family responded coldly. Brian revealed when the media exposed their relationship, his father “sent a text message with a photo of the magazine cover and didn’t say a single word. My father was wondering why our family name appeared in a tabloid magazine cover and that was his way of saying he was displeased.”

Admitting tabloid rumors affected his family’s impression of Karena, Brian explained his family was not familiar with her work and did not know her well enough. Eventually, Karena’s sincerity moved Brian’s father. Brian explained Karena would give mooncakes to each of his family members – including his father, his uncles, and sister. She would do the same thing during Lunar New Year by gifting different rice cakes and treats. Karena continued to do this every year. Sending gifts was a sign of respect, a gesture which eventually moved Brian’s father.

Recognizing Karena as His Life Partner

It did not take long before Brian realized he wanted Karena as his life partner. When Karena visited Brian’s mother’s tombstone, she promised to take care of him. He recalled, “One time when we were fighting, Karena suddenly stopped and said she didn’t want to argue anymore because she promised my mother she would take care of me. I was really touched at that moment, and it made me realize Karena was the one.”

Seen attending Brian’s grandfather’s birthday party this year, Karena was already accepted by the Shi family. It was only a matter of time before she officially became Mrs. Shi.

The couple held a low-key wedding ceremony this weekend. Karena was seen wearing gold phoenix and dragon bracelets. Contrary to earlier bloated photos, Karena’s waist was visibly slimmer, negating pregnancy rumors.

The couple officially announced the good news, “To all the relatives and friends who love Karena and Brian, we join hands to announce the good news. We completed the wedding ceremony on December 16 in the presence of our relatives and friends, and the official wedding celebration will be held next year. Entering this new stage, there are infinite wonderful possibilities waiting us to explore together. We eagerly anticipate this new journey and are ready to welcome the happiest moments in our lives. Thank you again for your concern and blessings, and wish everyone with love in their hearts are safe and happy!” Posting their wedding photos online, Karena wrote, “Forever is you. Now onto planning the wedding.”

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This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Lol, my reaction as well. If it was that simple I do not have a good feeling about this relationship. Not to curse them but time will tell

    2. Hhahaha! That’s what I was thinking too – what’s so thoughtful or special? She’s just sucking up. They CAN see through that.

    1. Yes, but they can afford to buy ANY moon cake they want.

      Whether cheap Maxim’s Mei Sum ones, or those from The Peninsula.

  1. He seems to really love and adore her. He even publicly announced he has written in his will that all his assets will go to her. For a wealthy man, that’s saying a lot.

    I’m happy for her.

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