Steven Cheung Racks Up Debt As He Becomes Jobless

In 2019, Boy’z member Steven Cheung (張致恆) was exposed to have cheated on five women at the same time. When his angry ex-girlfriends exposed his lies, Steven’s image hit rock bottom and no one in the entertainment industry wanted to hire him anymore. Promising to change his ways after marrying his girlfriend, Steven took on odd jobs at a hotel to support his family. With the pandemic ravaging the local economy, Steven became unemployed and racked up large debts.

It is said that Steven borrowed money from many friends, including Kenny Kwan (關智斌), Yumiko Cheng (鄭希怡), Bob Lam (林盛斌), Bob Cheung (張彥博), model Naomi Fung (馮鎵瀠), and DJ William Lam (林柏希), to make ends meet.

Though friends initially tried to help Steven, the actor/singer was allegedly spending the borrowed money irresponsibly. Naomi complained why Steven had money to hire a domestic helper and buy new electronics, but did not have money to repay his loan.

Taking to social media to respond to the outcry, Steven disclosed that his life has been hard. Out of work without any income for almost one year, he was forced to ask many friends for money.

“I tried working many jobs in different industries, but I was fired many times due to the pandemic. I am working hard to make money to support my family, and hopefully be able to repay my friends. The road in front of me is full of obstacles–the income that I am making is not even enough for my family, so I don’t have any money to repay my friends. I know this made many friends very unhappy, and I want to apologize to everyone,” Steven explained.

In regards to Naomi’s accusations, Steven replied that he had hired the domestic helper two years ago, and the electronics were exchanged with points saved up from a phone plan. “My two sons are not dressed in luxury brands, and their toys and clothes are all presents from their grandmother or friends.”

Clarifying why he has not moved back with his family to save money, Steven said his parents’ apartment lease does not allow pets. They do not want to give up on his wife’s three dogs, who are all over five years old, so the couple decided to live in a village house for now.

He stressed that he is under a lot of pressure from taking care of his family, “I am also trying very hard to improve myself. I hope everyone can give me a chance and more time. I definitely will not let everyone down!”

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  1. I can’t believe his wife decided to marry him and have a second child. He does not seem to be dependable in any way.

  2. For a celebrity like him who is not really famous and handsome yet can still able to cheat on 5 women at the same time? I bet those really handsome and famous ones will even cheat more then. And what was his wife thinking of having another child so fast with him?

    1. @hayden it’s not always the handsome ones that get the girls. It’s always the slef confident and fun to be around types. Look at how many former Miss HKs Timmy Hung was able to date, or a guy like Patrick Tang who is far from handsome, yet always seems to be able punch above his weight class lol.

  3. Hilarious, saw previous news about Steven and he was already “borrowing” money from his past lovers already. Obviously his wife now either doesn’t care about his past and that’s why she’s with him and spawning his children, considering she’s a big fan to begin with, obviously that’s why Steven got with her. I wouldn’t be surprised if they spawned some more kids as well…and let’s not forget that he must have blown all his earnings on who knows what though when he was Boyz…

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