Carlos Chan and Kenny Kwan to Host New Variety Show Together

Fans of EEG artists Kenny Kwan (關智斌), Carlos Chan (陳家樂), and Angus Yeung (楊天宇) can look forward to EEG’s new variety show, 3 Fools <三夫當關 >. The three guys are set to host the program, on which they will have entertaining discussions about men and expose each other. Every episode will feature different guests, and viewers will get to learn the entertainment circle’s dirty little secrets.

Kenny,, Carlos, and Angus held a brainstorming session for the show a few days ago, and Kenny was the last one to arrive. Upon his arrival, Carlos respectfully shouted, “brother Kenny!” However, the staff immediately exposed Carlos for complaining about waiting for Kenny.

Hearing this, Kenny immediately apologized. He joked, “Sorry brother Carlos. Don’t be so mad, brother Carlos.”

While they exchanged banter, Angus snickered on the side. This continued throughout the meeting. When they were coming up with possible names for the show, Kenny and Angus liked one of the names, but Carlos complained it sounds too crude. So Kenny and Carlos jokingly bickered back and forth. Once they settled on a name, the hosts discussed their requirements for the show.

Carlos stated he does not want to show his nipples, as he is quite hairy. Angus immediately requested everyone to go topless for at least one episode. On the topic of undressing, Angus and Carlos agreed that Kenny loves to strip.

Meanwhile, Kenny said he does not want to stand while filming because he is “smaller” than the other two hosts.

During the meeting, the staff suddenly brought a suckling pig into the conference room. It turns out they wanted to kill two birds with one stone: celebrate Carlos’ birthday and have the opening ceremony of 3 Fools. Carlos was surprised, but he wished for “3 Fools to exceed over a million views!”

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