Kenny Kwan to Continue HK Coliseum Concert without Steven Cheung

Hong Kong pop duo BOYZ were originally slated to hold their first Hong Kong Coliseum concert this September, but due to member Steven Cheung’s (張致恆) cheating scandal, the concert got temporarily shelved. The person most affected by this scandal is, of course, Steven’s bandmate Kenny Kwan (關智斌), who was notified of the suspension while he was filming a video for the concert in Phuket, Thailand.

Kenny had dreamed for years of headlining a show at the HK Coliseum. Fans and non-fans alike all felt terrible for the 38-year-old singer, who was so close to fulfilling his dream.

Fortunately, Kenny’s luck is turning around!

In a statement by EEG released on Friday, the agency announced that the concert will continue to be held on September 14th as planned, and it will be completely headlined by Kenny himself.

“To all media friends,” began the statement. “We’re so excited to announce this news! The company has already gotten confirmation from the Coliseum, that Kenny Kwan will step onto the Coliseum stage in September, fulfilling his dream. He has the full support from his EEG label mates Joey Yung (容祖兒), Leo Ku (古巨基), Hins Cheung (張敬軒), and TWINS. Because we just received the confirmation, many things are still a work in progress. More details will be announced in the future. Thank you once again your support to Kenny!”

Kenny is beyond excited about the announcement. He told Oriental Daily: “I am so happy. So happy! I’m so thankful to everyone’s support, especially to our friends in the media, my brothers and sisters at the company, and even the netizens. I’ve received so much support from them in the past week. I also want to thank all my artist friends and fans for sending me supportive messages. Because of your support, I get to fulfill this dream of mine. I genuinely thought it won’t happen, so I am so grateful. I want to use this time to focus entirely on this concert so I will not let everyone down. I will dedicate 100 percent to make a good show for everyone, to tell everyone that I deserve to be on that stage. Thank you all.”

He updated his social media with a new photo and a message of thanks to his fans, writing, “I, Kenny Kwan, will soon hold his first HK Coliseum concert! I’ve never felt so excited to the point where my brain is fried. I cannot find words to describe how I feel. I… really don’t know what to say, but I have to thank all the netizens who helped me rally! This isn’t only about me, but also about you guys. This won’t happen without a single one of you!”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. That’s going,. Glad for the turnout. He worked hard and deserves his fruits of labor

  2. Steven f@$%&ed himself up real good. His name and reputation are down the drain. This scoundrel got what he deserves. His earning potential will be so limited now.

  3. So glad for Kenny….hope the fans will support him and make the concert event a great success!! who needs….??what’s the other guy’s name??? we just need Kenny!!!

  4. So happy for Kenny though does he even have many solo track to support the concert hope he’ll still perform some boyz song and many guest to come.

    1. @vodka Kenny should have enough songs, as he had launched his own solo career after BOYz had broken up years ago and has a few solo albums under his belt. Not sure if he will sing any BOYZ songs though….pretty sure his friends and labelmates will support him if he does decide to sing those songs though.

      I was never a BOYZ fan (and still not) but I’m happy for Kenny, as he worked hard for this and to have his dreams dashed due to his band mate’s stupidities was totally unfair (not to mention the way Steven handled things was horrible — he essentially left Kenny and the crew behind in Thailand when the news first broke, going into hiding and not answering his phone or anything….Kenny repeatedly tried to get a hold of him for an explanation, but he ignored him…he finally had to come out and face the media himself, even though he was a victim himself and had no clue what was going on).

  5. Wonder how his tix sell will be like? It’s one thing to be a keyboard warrior and another to actually take your wallet out to support.

    Anyways, good luck! Tbh, Idk who he is nor his songs.

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