New Shocking Photos of Benny Chan Fondling Rose Chan Emerge!

Rose Chan’s (陳嘉桓) alleged sexual harassment by Benny Chan (陳浩民), while witnessed by Joe Ma (馬德鐘), took place on November 20th at 2 AM in Hengdian, China. When the photos were reviewed by Oriental Sunday’s editorial department, it was quite shocking! Oriental Sunday contacted Rose Chan’s manager to find out Rose’s relationship with Benny and Joe. Rose’s martial arts sifu, Sin Kwok Lam (冼國林), was extremely angry over the incident.

Oriental Sunday sought out Rose for an interview. As the publication deadline had passed for last week’s issue at that point, the interview was printed in the current issue of the magazine instead. Since the incident had occurred within 24 hours, Rose’s reaction may be in its truest form and less inhibited than after her filing of the police report in Hong Kong several days later. Regarding her “humiliation” with the two “wolves” Benny Chan and Joe Ma, Rose expressed outright hatred!

OS= Oriental Sunday ; RC= Rose Chan

OS: What exactly occurred at the barbeque restaurant?

RC: I was eating dinner with a group of Hong Kong artists. Since we were all from Hong Kong and there were veterans present, I thought it would be a good idea to talk to each other and meet up. After they drank too much alcohol, the behavior as depicted in the photos occurred. I did not know what to do; I thought whether I should stay or leave.

OS: Did you talk to other people about the incident?

RC: I spoke with my family about the incident; they advised me to be more careful going forward and that I should decline dinner invitations with people I did not know well.

OS: Did you feel as if you were sexually harassed?

RC: I do not know how to answer you…. I was the most unhappy that such incidents really do occur.

OS: They touched you from behind and your thighs? Joe Ma also leaned on your shoulder!

RC: …I am very scared right now!

OS: Why are you so scared?

RC: I kept resisting them throughout the incident. Their actions became more severe and crossed the boundary. I was very unhappy at that moment, but I did not know what to do. Right before we left, I pushed him (Benny Chan) against the wall and asked what he was doing?!

OS: Throughout the incident, did they say anything sexually suggestive to you? You were whispering to Joe Ma and appeared to be quite intimate with him. Why did you not stop him?

RC: They asked whether I was drunk. I was drinking Coke at the time, so there was no possibility of getting drunk. I felt that they were testing me throughout [the evening]. I kept saying no; I could not accept it. When I went to work today and saw Timmy Hung (洪天明), I told him I do not want to eat dinner [with Benny Chan and Joe Ma] as I did not want to be in contact with them again.

OS: Before Timmy Hung got drunk, did Benny Chan and Joe Ma touch and kiss you?

RC: Timmy helped me in resisting [them].

OS: After Timmy got drunk, they [Benny and Joe] were more aggressive and crossed the boundary?

RC: Mmmm… (sigh) I felt things were not okay at that point. I thought we should quickly leave when Timmy woke up. Afterward, their behavior became increasingly improper (sigh). Throughout the incident, I resisted. I felt that this should not be happening; I was very scared! He kept on touching me from behind. I said that I was only here to eat and not to play with you! Perhaps they thought I was a little girl and easy to bully (sigh).

OS: Since you know Wing Chun martial arts, did you consider defending yourself?

RC: I was afraid that I would be unable to hit them offensively and that they would double their efforts on me.

OS: What do you consider to be the most offensive move they committed towards you?

RC: Forcefully kissing and forcefully holding me! (They didn’t kiss your lips?) No, I dodged it. This was the first time I was without my manager and colleagues by my side. Next time I work overseas, I will find a colleague I know well to stay by my side and decrease networking functions.

Oriental Sunday Followed Hong Kong Stars for 3 Nights

Numerous Hong Kong celebrities were currently filming in Hengdian, China. On November 16, 2011, a reporter and photographer from Oriental Sunday flew to Hengdian [to visit the filming crews], arriving on the sets of The Founding of the Yuan Empire <建元風雲>and Laughter Shaking Mo Lam <笑功震武林>. During Oriental Sunday staff’s visit, Timmy Hung assembled numerous Hong Kong stars from various filming projects for dinner. From November 17th to 19th for three nights, the stars “partied”!

November 17th 8:30 PM  (Szechuan Dinner) – The dinner’s organizer, Timmy Hung, reserved a VIP room on the second floor of the restaurant. Throughout the evening, Timmy was spotted going up and down the stairs to receive the artists attending the dinner. At 9:30 PM, Rose Chan arrived and Timmy went downstairs to receive her. After the dinner, the group boarded into different cars to go to a karaoke establishment. Despite attending the dinner, Alex Fong (方中信), did not follow the group to the karaoke and apparently went back to his hotel.

November 17th 10:30 PM (Karaoke) – The group arrived at the karaoke establishment and stayed until 1 AM. Timmy Hung left first without Rose Chan. Joe Ma, Benny Chan, Rose Chan, Terry Fan (樊少皇) sang until 2 AM before leaving together.

November 18th Lamb DinnerOriental Sunday was unable to discern where various Hong Kong artists had gathered for the evening. However, a group photo of the lamb dinner was posted on Weibo.

November 19th 8:00 PM  (Hot Pot Dinner)Oriental Sunday staff discovered that various Hong Kong celebrities had gathered for a hot pot dinner.

November 19th 10:00 PM (Karaoke) – The group of artists followed with another night of karaoke.

November 20th 12:30 AM – After karaoke, the women (except Rose Chan) returned to their hotels escorted by the male artists. Benny Chen drove one passenger on his motorcycle; Joe Ma drove two passengers in his car and Timmy Hung drove Meng Yao (孟瑤).

November 20th 1:00 AM – (Werewolves Appear) After the female artists were settled, the men went to a barbeque restaurant. The brave Rose Chan ventured with the group. Unfortunately, Timmy Hung fell into a drunken stupor shortly after arriving at the barbeque restaurant. Benny Chan’s behavior crossed the boundary line, while Rose Chan and Joe Ma appeared to be quite intimate in the photos. Oriental Sunday staff quickly took photos documenting the entire incident.


Source: Oriental Sunday

Jayne: Rose was smiling in quite a few of the photos, including the ones in which Benny Chan appears to be touching her chest or possibly have inserted a hand into her sweater (can’t really tell where Benny’s hand is due to blurry quality of photos). Rose’s expression of fear only showed after Benny started getting “violent” such as covering her mouth and throttling her neck.

These photos leave me with a mixed feeling, as Rose did not seem resistant in the photos where she was smiling with Benny putting obvious advances upon her.

This article also answers many people’s questioning as to why were the paparazzi right there to photograph the groping. Oriental Sunday had followed the group for 3 nights before they got their big story.

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  1. Oh, our earlier debate on whether Joe kissed Rose on the lips or not is now settled once and for all by Rose herself. No lips locking. But forceful kissing from Joe, too?

    RC: Forcefully kissing and forcefully holding me! (They didn’t kiss your lips?) No, I dodged it.

  2. >OS: Since you know Wing Chun martial arts, did you consider defending yourself?

    RC: I was afraid that I would be unable to hit them offensively and that they would double their efforts on me.<

    haha bollocks.. no wonder she's smiling gayly in a few of the pix.

    1. Maybe she was just promoted as a Wing Chun girl for gimmick but actually knows very little Wing Chun. That’s why she can reflectively use her Wing Chun to defend herself.

      1. @Kidd, Rose was the 2009 silver medalist at the 2009 HK national wushu championship. from google

      2. Maybe she sleep with the judge of wushu so she win the silver medal ,maybe she is number 1 in in bed with wing chun stlye ala kamasutra.

    2. She use her Wing Chun in bed in hacing sex with guy ,Joe and Benny could hit by her if this event happen in bed ,she could be very skillful in kamasutra ,who know.

    3. Really if I was being harassed and know martial arts hell I’ll use it. What’s to be scared about. Isn’t it why you learned it for the first place to protect yourself. Yes I agree she looks like she was having a good time with all the attention.

  3. yup yup.
    this reminds me of the case in the other truth with amy and the indian guy. its a matter of he says she says. judging from the pictures, she looks happy and smiling while he touched her and she did not look scared until he covered her mouth.
    so….i am on one’s side.

    1. Yep, judging from the pics, she looked flirtious with BC, resting on Benny’s arm like (she’s in drunk stage), and letting Benny to check on her “b00bs size”??!! She was smilling in the pics but until BC covered her mouth, she looked different.

      Imo, I think she should be partially blamed for being too passionate with these married men, if she didnt’ invited the trouble herself, this whole ugly mess wouldn’t happen.

  4. She is an idiot. Now it looks like she is actually okay with it until they got too forceful. I don’t know to be honest. It doesn’t matter they are both wrong. She’s wrong because she seemed fine with it before, which is a bad move on her part that just gives the guys a wrong message. The guys are wrong because they shouldn’t have done any flirting if they are married to begin with at least not physically. Both parties are stupid. The girl shouldn’t be doing this especially since it could have led to much worse if it wasn’t in public space. The guys shouldn’t be so physical when they are married unless they have some sort of open marriage. But I guess no human is perfect so we can’t really judge any of them since we are no saints ourselves.

    1. I guess BC and Joe are two “married but available” type of guy. Family photos were used just to bluff public and create good image of them being a family and good husband. They are probably just like other straying husband who likes to eat “outside dishes”. The wives probably have to close one eye whenever they’re out straying.

  5. She didn’t look too reluctant in the pictures. No sympathy from me…

    1. She is sucessor of Gilian Chung ,a more ugly version of Gilian but better in acting than her.

  6. i find it despicable how some people are claiming that she was enjoying it or that she wasnt resisting because she appeared to be smiling in the photos. if you havent experienced this yourself, you would not know how one would react in that kind of situation. her smile might show her fear and confusion, she might not have wanted to piss them off in fear that they might do something worse. at first maybe she thought they were just joking around and it was nothing harmless but afterwards she may feel harassed and she has the right to! girls are vulnerable sometimes and men know it.

    1. @tirah,

      How can be so sure that she wasn’t enjoying in the 1st place when she rested her head on benny’s arm? Would you rest your head or let your male friend to touch your b00bs like the above pics even they’re close to you?

    2. I agree with Tirah. If this incident was a publicity stunt the mainland and HK police wouldn’t be involved and Benny wouldn’t have admitted and apologize to it. Joe is no better watching a harassment/molestation crime happening and not stopping it. Then he tries to draw the line like he is a saint? I don’t doubt that Rose might have initially enjoyed the attention and what she innocently thought was light flirting. Don’t forget she JUST turned 19. Still a child, a young, stupid teenager. Kungfu or no kungfu, these men are much bigger and stronger than her. She was probably so scared that she didn’t process how to handle it. These were men that she had once respected as seniors and worked with for sometime. Aside from this, what you people are saying that it is ok for men to touch a women inappropriately if she flirts or smiles back? I don’t think so.

      @Veejay, I do not believe the pictures above are #1 in order and #2 inclusive of the whole truth. Like rumor has it, Joe has people backing him up. Whose to say that strings were not pulled to save his image. I am surprised the paparrazis doesn’t have this incident on video which is probably in the police’s hand as we speak for the investigation.

  7. Let this be a lesson learned for all girls out there. Play with fire and you may get burned. Keep work professional and always be on the alert. Snakes are everywhere and not only in the entertainment industry.

  8. she looks pretty willing in those pics. i feel it’s just another girl wanting to get popular with a scandal (ex. mavis pan)

  9. From the looks of the photos, Rose Chan seems to be very comfortable with Joe Ma and Benny Chan seems to just taking the piss outta Rose Chan. But anyways, she didnt look as scared as she sounded in the interview.
    She’s definitely enjoying the attention now.

  10. Just started reading up on this scandal after watching one of Benny’s films. Press conferences and interviews aside if you just consider the photographs in question it’s evident that Rose is extremely comfortable being around the two. She’s seen intimately kissing and embracing Ben and Joe. Where did she think all that touching was going to lead?

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