Not An Innocent, Rose Chan Was Willingly Groped by Benny Chan?

The alleged sexual harassment of Rose Chan (陳嘉桓) by Benny Chan (陳浩民) and Joe Ma (馬德鐘) has taken Hong Kong by storm. In Joe Ma’s press statement yesterday, he strongly denied that he made an assault and indecent harassment of Rose, while noting he reserved rights to pursue legal action for libel. The “Double Perverts’ Molestation” case may have another “truth” to it. Allegedly, Rose Chan was a willing participant in Benny Chan’s groping games in the past!

On the night of the Rose’s sexual harassment, a crew member who had accompanied the stars at the group dinner, karaoke, and barbeque supper, spoke with Apple Daily on an anonymous condition. The insider was baffled why Benny’s groping games led to the incident being reported to the Hong Kong police, “Rose has always been a very warm person and often mingled with the male artists. Since the group dinner at the onset of the evening, Rose drank heavily and allowed the men present to greet her warmly. All along, Rose did not resist.” Eager to clear the suspicion that he was involved in Rose’s sexual harassment, Joe Ma did not deny [the insider’s account of the situation]. After a few seconds of silence, Joe replied, “Anyhow, my wife trusts me a lot.”

The insider familiar with the sexual harassment situation revealed that Rose was very popular among crew members due to her warm personality. “From the group dinner, the karaoke party, to the barbeque supper, everyone was dissatisfied without alcohol; this included Rose Chan as well.” (Rose claimed that she only drank orange juice.) “Nonsense! She drinks all kinds of spirits, ranging from hard liquor to beer! Rose already possessed a warm personality, thus after drinking, her personality grew extremely warm! She will take the initiative to hug a man and whisper in his ear. At the karaoke, Rose already allowed Benny Chan to touch her without any resistance. After going to the barbeque supper, Rose asked her assistant to return to the hotel first. Who knew that Rose considered herself to be hurt that night? All evening, Rose sounded very high and lively;  you can tell from her voice that she was not sober.”

Rose Chan and Benny Chan Used to Playing With Each Other

Rose Chan’s martial arts sifu, Sin Kwok Lam (冼國林), was extremely angry that no one at the barbeque restaurant came to Rose’s rescue when she was touched inappropriately by Benny Chan. The insider sneered, “There were many sober crew members sitting around the table. However, Rose never left her seat or attempted to cry out, ‘No!’ Earlier, Rose was playing with Benny in the same manner and she had no problems with it!” (Rose indicated that she did not run because she was unfamiliar with her surroundings.) “That’s even funnier! There was another female crew member present. If Rose wished to leave, there will be someone to take her. If there was a fire warden, why sit there? If the incident were so severe, then she should have tried to wake up Timmy Hung to help her!”

Joe Ma’s Wife Trusts Him Completely

After the Apple Daily reporter repeated the crew member’s account of the incident, Joe Ma did not deny the details. Joe only stated, “Anyhow, my wife trusts me very much.” (Rose filed a police report in Hong Kong; what do you plan to do?) “The Hong Kong Police has not contacted me yet. I am currently looking for a lawyer. The incident did not affect my daily routine; I am going to work peacefully. Since I already released a press statement, I am not in the position to respond too much over the matter.” (Director Wong Jing 王晶 ridiculed you.) “I have an understanding with Benny Chan and we have been in communication with each other. We know what is going on, but Jing Gor spoke in this manner because he did know the inside story.”

After the exposure of the photos in which Benny Chan and Joe Ma touched Rose Chan inappropriately, Benny and Joe responded separately, which were met with extreme public criticism. Joe’s attempt to extricate himself from the incident and drawing clear boundaries from Benny led to Wong Jing’s ridicule that Joe betrayed his friendship with Benny. Perhaps due to the backlash from netizens, Joe deleted the critical comments.

Rose Chan Ridiculed by Netizen.

The “Double Perverts Molestation” incident became more fascinating as additional details emerged. The two men’s responses were heinous, but some people questioned why Rose Chan, who was trained in Wing Chun martial arts, did not leave the restaurant immediately after the “harassment” occurred. Rose’s explanation was, “I was unfamiliar with the surroundings.” Rose’s naive and stupid comment was quickly ridiculed by numerous Hong Kong women.

Sin Kwok Lam Fires Back: “Benny Chan Is A Bastard!”

Regarding Rose being ridiculed after she was touched inappropriately, Rose’s martial arts sifu, Sin Kwok Lam, was devastated. Sin Sifu stated angrily, “A 19-year-old was scared witless after she was taken advantage of by the ‘uncles’; the martial arts skills she possessed did not help her as a result.”

After finding out about the harassment incident, Sin Kwok Lam admitted that his first response was anger, “I scolded Rose Chan [expletive] ‘street.’ Who has such a low alertness level in a time of danger?! Afterwards, I knew that I went too far with the scolding; she is still the victim. I analyzed the incident with Rose, who said that she resisted the advances and pushed them away several times. The wild dogs were too wild and her resistance efforts were to no avail. ”
As to the mystery why Rose did not leave the restaurant immediately after harassment occurred, Sin Sifu spoke impatiently on behalf of Rose, “First, only Timmy Hung (洪天明) had a car, so she had to wait until after Timmy woke up from his drunken stupor. People who have been to Hengdian know that the roads are barren and the transportation is very inconvenient. Second, a 19-year-old will absolutely resist a stranger’s sexual harassment. However, Rose’s relationship with the men bordered on knowing them and not knowing them that well; she did not know whether to resist or not. Fundamentally, Rose did not know what to do under the circumstances, which is quite normal.”

“Even Tony Wong (黃玉郎) noted that no one dared to cause trouble in a well-lit area. However, the bastard even put his hand inside Rose’s shirt!  He went too far! A 19-year-old was scared witless after being assaulted by ‘uncles’ and even though she was trained in Wing Chun martial arts, it was still useless. Under those circumstances, she forgot all the martial arts skills she possessed. At first, the bastard did not admit to this misconduct and said that someone took advantage of him! This is what you call a despicable low-life! I dare say that the people in Hong Kong these days recognize Rose Chan’s name more than Benny Chan! He’s still living off his reputation from his Monkey King days and claimed that someone took advantage of him. That’s crazy!”

Photos Illustrated Sufficient Evidence

On his blog, Joe Ma claimed that he apologized to Sin Kwok Lam and Rose Chan and received their understanding. As to whether Benny Chan and Joe Ma had called him, Sin Sifu stated with certainty, “No, but a lot of people contacted me. All of those people tried to put in good words for the men. They suggested many ways to resolve the matter. Today, I am meeting with Virginia Lok (樂易玲).”

Asked whether he was confident in sending the pervert(s) to prison, Sin Sifu said, “In Yunnan last year, there was a social worker from Hong Kong who sexually assaulted a local girl. The social worker was sentenced to eight years in prison [in Hong Kong]. It proves that if you commit criminal offense overseas, you can also be subject to legal sanctions in Hong Kong. The tabloid photos supply sufficient evidence. The case is now handled by the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Hong Kong Police department.”

Excerpt from Appledaily

Jayne: The crew member supplied another side to the story. Based on the evidence and accounts that have emerged so far, which version of the harassment incident you believe is likely due to personal bias and personal tendencies. Do you believe in “The Other Truth” version supplied by the crew member? I wonder if Rose will respond regarding the crew member’s account. 

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  1. Even a hooker doesnt like to be rape. Even if she’s a touchy person that doesnt mean she like to be grope.

    1. yes, hooker does’nt want to be rape, want a crime, don’t blame Rose, woman are always right, two against one woman, a rape orgy or an orgy?” sex outside marriage is illegal in CHina is it not? whas the law going to do about it all from those stupid H.K actors, should they be treated like a dog!?”

      1. =_= WHAT RAPE?
        ask any girl if they must choose one of the two. to have forced sex against their will, which is RAPE, or simply to be touched, which is GROPING.

        please, dont try to change the story to fit your bs ideology

  2. Rose is defintiely not as innocent as everyone is portraying.. This other account is pretty much as i think happens..

  3. Rose doesnt seem innocent look at the way she poses with Raymond Lam in past pics she’s a very flirtatuous person and it’s true she gives out feelings of hotness and friendliness so I do believe the insider.. come on no matter what situation a woman puts herself in she can get out I believe it was a game and the fact that these pics are staged situation who the hell knows Rose Chan except for this situation …..she came out with no makeup what to portray the victim even more…it’s true she could have woke up Timmy And call out to the other people in restaurant hell if i was violated by a man i wouldnt just sit there I would get up and make a scene…so i do believe she’s out for publicity …and who the hell knows where her career is gonna go??..and I am not a Benny or Joe fan I know they are both players and bad boys heck it’s out there it isnt a secret even Timmy likes to pursue girls…Get with it Rose you made this scene boohoo…and when i get touched in anyway at a club i let the guys know to back off so Rose stop with this act

    1. regarding the club–she’s not 21 yet; she’s 2 years younger or so than you to know this. LMAO

      1. I have been to clubs since 16 not everyone is 21 there are many ways to get in a club even under 21 and i have never ate with a bunch of male acquaintances or coworkers cause I would never put myself out there and FYI not everyone who drinks is 21 or do drugs

  4. Overseas that’s weird. Do people from China consider people from Hong Kong foreigners? Sorry, just curious.

  5. I was initially inclined to believe Rose due to the bad reputations of both Benny and Joe but I have to say my opinion is starting to change. Ever since reading Joe’s public statement denying the allegations, I began to doubt Rose’s account. It was hard for me to believe that Joe would so blatantly deny the allegations if he had indeed done it. Now with this new report, seems like Rose is becoming less and less trustworthy. Rose’s account of what happened contained many mysteries and this report about the crew member’s story seems to solve some of the mysteries that arose from Rose’s account.

  6. Both side have to take responsibilities… one hand can make to clap.. it takes two to clap… if rose chan had not make any extremely warm gesture, will the two uncles suddenly start groping? I dun think so.. both are long time actors.. they will know the paparazi.. somemore it is in a well lit area.. i doubt they are that stupid..

    1. if they amitted guilty, they should go to prison if theres law in China, China is no.1 in the world on law?

  7. They are guilty of drinking and acting weird but she also responsible I don’t believe her innocent and 19 and naive she is out there eating and joking with guys she just met on a movie set

  8. I feel sorry for the 16 years-old girl who got involved with Edison Chen. This case has been taking over the light of her case.

    1. Nope, she is now come back to the first page of some mags with the pregnant news with Vincent Wong :P.

  9. She obviously is not all innocent. Those guys are experienced, they can tell who can or cannot be “touched”. She probably has been displaying a very “friendly” self. So the 2 or 1, thought it’s like a go ahead!
    These photos without the make-up makes it even more suspicious- trying too hard to make her look more innocent.

  10. Rose sounds super fishy now. How can she not use her martial arts skills when it’s like a natural reflex? And group dinner party? Shouldn’t the table be filled with people facing each other? How could there be 3+ empty seats in front of them? Looks staged now that I keep looking at it. Where’s the drunken Timmy?

    1. I think she’s not 100% innocent and after a while she gives me a lengmo impression, but Benny did harrassed her, so there’s still a case to open

  11. She is not innocent, he is a bad actor, another he is a coward. Together they make a series won Golden Raspberry Awards or Razzies

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