Rose Chan’s On-again, Off-again Relationship With Bosco Wong

Debuting in the modelling industry when she was only 18 years old, Rose Chan (陳嘉桓) is blessed with a good physique which could have led to a promising career. However, it has been hard for Rose to live down the public outcry caused by her controversial behavior with married actor Benny Chan (陳浩民) when she was only 19.  Almost ten years have passed since the incident, but both Rose’s career and love life have been equally as tumultuous. Aside from her troubled career, she has been involved in an on-again, off-again relationship with Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) which seems to be going round in circles.

Sparks flew between Rose and Bosco on the set of 2017’s Guardian Angel <守護神之保險調查>, and the actress was seen spending the night at Bosco’s home on several occasions. Although the two remarked that they are only “friends,” their relationship is an open secret in the entertainment industry.

Despite his involvement with Rose, Bosco continues to be linked with other women. Last year, Chinese actress Sophia Zhang Shasha (張沙沙), who allegedly was dating the actor, flew to Hong Kong to monitor him closely when she suspected things were amiss. Confronted by Sophia, Rose realized she was the third-party in the relationship. Deciding to suddenly move out of Bosco’s home, Rose allegedly had to temporarily reside in a hotel.

Meanwhile, Bosco denied the colorful allegations and maintained that he is only friends with both actresses. He declared his single status, and admitted it is hard to settle down because he values freedom too much 

With little luck in love, Rose also encountered financial troubles last year due to a contractual issue with her management agency. Without any income for one year, she decided to take a new approach towards her work and began pursuing opportunities aside from acting. She obtained a professional trainer license, opened her own business, and successfully dropped off pounds after signing a new endorsement deal.

While ready for a fresh start in her career, Rose did not completely break off her relationship with Bosco after the incident with Sophia Zhang. Rose and Bosco continue to see each other occasionally for dinner.

Source: Yahoo HK

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  1. Another version of friends with benefits……….But then, why doesn’t she choose a man of higher calibre than Bosco……..He’s not wealthy, only average looks, and is not overall charming, despite having been in lead roles for TVB…………He’s heading to the ‘has-been’ shelf very soon.

  2. exactly my thought FWB lol……….true bosco is not the wealthiest but he does land in the category of middle class with several property on hand and he has a restaurant working in the food industry so he does have $$$ i dont think he’s gonna settle with one girl anytime soon there some many fish in the market LOL……..

    1. @sherla1019
      i don’t follow the chinese market but i think he’s pretty popular in china as well. he stared in a show with many big name chinese male stars and the selling point was their looks. with that level of fame, doubt that anyone would settle for just one girl so soon. he’s not even in his 40s yet.

      1. @m0m0

        I highly doubt he would settle down even to his mid 40’s so much plastic dolls he could bed with over in mainland lol……….

  3. I used to respect Bosco Wong, but the man is a player. He wants the joy of taking a woman, or women to bed, but not making a move to have a serious relationship. Good on Myolie Wu for finding a man to build a family and future with. Bosco Wong is a dedicated wild oaks sower.

    1. @renren

      I would not say that as he did stay with a Myolie for years. Plus, it takes 2 to tango so what if it is the woman too? Also just because anyone dates around does not necessarily mean they are a player. My late mom thought that about one of my buddies too as she had a number of boyfriends. I defended my friend as I said that who does not want to meet the right person in one try? Very few people are that lucky to date just one person and end up with them. Many must date several people to find the right person. But then again, many marry several people these days so who knows?

      1. @hetieshou I completely agree with your friend. We don’t always get it right the first time. I have no problems with anyone dating around before they finally find the ‘one’. However, Bosco seems to be commitment phobic. Yes, I can’t, and won’t say he cheated on Myolie, but after many years with her, he was not even ready to look forward to a future of marriage and family, so she left. It seems like he has become the ladies man since then. He seems allergic to settling down. I did not say this out of hating on Bosco as I quite like him.

      2. @renren
        Thanks but actually I said that not my friend. I am ok with dating around but not too many as that is not really a good thing either. Maybe he does have commitment phobia as he may be scared of picking the wrong person. There are just so many people I the world but we can only pick one so who wouldn’t be overwhelmed. Aaron Kwok had that issue but finally settled down too. Bosco loves his mom just like Aaron did, so his mom may be the one who encourages him to settle down.

  4. Not a fan of either.
    Used to ship Boscolie but after so many years, time proved that they are not right for each other.

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