Bosco Wong is Not in a Hurry for Marriage

Forensic Heroes <法證先鋒> is one of TVB’s most successful franchises in recent years. In the fifth installment, Bosco Wong’s (黃宗澤) involvement attracted viewers who were excited to see him in a TVB production again, with many even hoping that Bosco will win this year’s Best Actor award for his portrayal as a senior forensic scientist. Having been nominated several times and losing out on the award multiple times, many feel pity for Bosco. To this, Bosco joked, “No need. Earning my salary is good enough!”

Asked about his outlook on receiving an award this year, Bosco expressed, “I get a sense of fulfillment when I film a drama” and prioritize the audience’s good reaction. “Awards are not that important to me. I leave it up to fate.”

Turning 42 soon, Bosco is not opposed to portraying “dad” roles. “It’s true. If you ask me to portray a  24-year-old right now, I don’t think it’ll work. The most I can probably convincingly do is a 30-something year old, or someone who is more mature.” On whether he hopes to start a family of his own in real life, Bosco said, “Honestly, I don’t. Maybe because I was born and raised in a single-parent household, I do not have this  ideal desire for a family. I don’t set rules or timeframes for when I want to get married or have kids. I will leave it up to fate.”

Instead, he finds fulfillment through his friendships. Reflecting on his long-lasting friendship with Ron Ng (吳卓羲), Bosco expressed, “Actually, I am not only good friends with Ron, but also Raymond Lam (林峯). We were able to foster this relationship, because we started our careers at TVB around the same time and worked together at the station for many years. It made it easy for us to get together and grow in our relationship even though  we don’t see each other often. When we see each other, we will horse around with no filter. When Ron and I get together, we are very loud!”

Source: HK01

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  1. Yup, just look at Kevin and Moses…Bosco won’t have any problem if he wants a family later. Also I felt FH5 was alright…had potential, yet again they ruin it though, the clowns were great villains but they rushed it…

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