Bosco Wong Wants His Girlfriend to Give Him Lots of Freedom

Turning 40 this year, Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) is at the peak of his career and runs a successful restaurant. Though many consider him to be a diamond bachelor, Bosco expressed earlier he does not feel the need to settle down and have children in the near future. It is easy to see why, given Bosco’s strong desire in freedom in a dating relationship.

His longest relationship lasted eight years with Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), and afterward Bosco dated Hong Kong model Vanessa Yeung (楊崢) and Japanese model Jun. Though linked with Rose Chan (陳嘉桓) after her car was seen parked inside his building two nights in a row, Bosco however insists they are only friends. Gossip surrounding his love life has been endless, and news emerged that he was cheating on Rose with Chinese actress Sophia Zhang (张沙沙). Both Bosco and Sophia and have denied and clarified that they are just friends and colleagues.

Bosco’s recent short-lived relationships may be due to his inability to compromise his freedom. Revealing his three golden criteria when seeking a girlfriend, Bosco is very clear about what type of woman would make a suitable match. First, he states that he is someone who will prioritize his friends over his girlfriend. So she has to be okay with this and cannot be too clingy to demand that he spend all his time with her. Second, she cannot request for him to report on his whereabouts. Third, she needs to be forgiving. Even if he has rumors, she cannot be jealous or angry.

Is there any woman who can accept Bosco’s rules and remain so unattached in a relationship? Especially if relationships require emotional investment, Bosco’s criteria sounds too extreme and may make it impossible to have a lasting relationship together.

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  1. working in the entertainment industry is bound to have rumors and paparazzi follows everywhere you go and sniff and try to dig out dirt totally understandable he wants a girl not to clingy nor i jealous type i too agree but not wanting them to know on where at now thats sounds off…………if it was for me i would wanna know where my Bf is if he dont reply i’ll get somewhat upset lol

    If Bosco want a type of girl like that easy don’t have a steady relationship hahha

  2. Yeah, he can find one. Someone who doesn’t truly love him. I know! He wants JW.

  3. He doesn’t want a girlfriend period. He’s 40. I think Benjamin Yuen is on the same boat, but he found a significantly younger, richer, and pretty girlfriend so became the “dream” boyfriend. Some women are insecure, but there are also men whom women don’t trust. Bosco cheated on Myolie (his age) after 7 years. I think that’s indicative enough of his commitment issues and he has dated much younger and older women and it’s still not working out.

    1. @jesspepperwang I didn’t know he cheated on Myolie I thought they broke up because he’s not ready to settle down? I wonder who’s he with at that time when he cheated on Myolie could it be Vanessa Yeung?

      1. @cutie777
        How do you know for sure he cheated on Myoile? Honestly, if he did why would Myolie still consider him a friend and invite him to her wedding? I doubt any woman or man would still treat her/his ex like that if they truly cheated regardless of how nice they are.

      2. @hetieshou Watch Myolie’s interview where she cries and says “I cannot talk about this” and “I cannot trust him anymore.” Myolie is polite and courteous for being friendly after because it’s entertainment.

      3. @jesspepperwang
        Even if she did say that, that does not necessarily mean that he did cheat. She could have assumed that he did so felt emotional about it. You are all just assuming he cheated but that does not mean he did for sure. Even if she was being polite then there is no need to invite him to her wedding. I personally would not ever invite an ex to my wedding if he cheated which meant we ended on bad terms. My family would frown too…

      4. @hetieshou No assumptions. Taking what Myolie said at face value. Myolie is also an entertainer, she understands what weight her words carry. Love is not logical and yes, she was emotional. She dated Bosco 7 years and gave him a shoutout at the anniversary awards when she won BA, why wouldn’t she be emotional? As to why she chose to invite him, there’s a lot of reasons. Exes can invite exes to their wedding to 1) be polite because their field or work 2) lots of mutual friends 3) because they are really that nice and 4) to flaunt happiness?

      5. @jesspepperwang

        You can think what want, but who truly knows what happened except for those involved? You sound like a die hard fan of Myolie so believe everything she says. True that exes can invite exes to their weddings, BUT not an ex that has cheated on you. However, if he did cheat(notice I said IF) and she only invited him just to rub it in his face then that shows Myolie is not an angel either. Plus this is all the past now and they have moved on but sadly some of her die hard fans continue to hold grudges and cannot move on… how sad… This reminds me of those die hard Barbara Yung fans who still blame her death on Kent Tong even to this day and it has been over 35 years…. why can’t people let bygones be bygones?

      6. @hetieshou Nope. Unlike you, I don’t have a soft spot for Myolie like you do for Bosco. I don’t think their acting or onstage persona (albeit Bosco is entertaining as a performer) is indicative of real life character. I think anyone with a little bit of emotional intelligence here including JayneStars, the owner of this site, who just commented on my post below agrees that Bosco is not looking for commitment per this article and anytime leading up to this article. Things can change moving forward, but we are all voicing our objective reasons as of now and at face value.

      7. @jesspepperwang
        Dude, I do not have a soft spot for Bosco but just want to be fair unless there is concrete proof then what more is there to say? Bosco may not be looking for commitment now but may change like Aaron Kwok did. Bosco loves his mom just like Aaron did. People will change as well and plus who knows if everything these news articles are saying is all true? We know none of them personally so who knows? Plus this is only a translation so who knows what the original article is truly saying. I must say I am very offended by one of your statements but you can say what you want as long as Jayne does not get on your case, then I guess you are fine..

      8. @hetieshou I do apologize because it was a user who responded to you who said they have soft spot for Bosco and not you.

        However, Jayne is agreeing with my statements and I think most people on here are too XOXO

      9. @hetieshou it wasn’t me saying he cheated on her I was trying to asked the person who thinks he cheated on Myolie who he cheated with? I only think they broke up because he’s not ready to settle down? While she is?

      10. @cutie777
        Oh sorry… I did not mean to accuse you but I just found it unfair that people accuse Bosco of cheating when no one knows for sure. People break up for various reasons and it does not always involve cheating. But it is sad that everyone thinks Bosco is some evil devil while Myolie is some sweet angel. None of us know them personally so who knows?

      11. @hetieshou

        Can you pls stop justifying how Bosco didn’t cheat on Myolie just because she invited him to her wedding. I’ve seen you mentioning multiple times in various news and you start to get defensive when ppl tell you otherwise. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you being so defensive over Bosco’s innocence kinda makes ppl think if you do have a soft spot for him.

        Anyway, I’ve been following their news quite closely after the breakup and I remembered Myolie invited him to her wedding because the reporters kept pressuring her asking her the same question if she would invite her ex in almost every event she attended and of course to be polite she would said yes and Bosco himself was asked if he was invited and he said yes, he will even prepare a big gift for her wedding but at the end he couldn’t make it because of his father’s passing. So we don’t really know if he would actually attend if his father didn’t passed away around the same time as the wedding. They might be just saying it to pacify the reporters so that they would stop pestering them.

        Also is hard not to judge him for being a flirt when tabloids has portrayed him just as that for many many years. There’s no smoke without fire I would say. He is just lucky and smart that he was never caught with concrete evidence. Honestly, I’ve heard enough of his personal life from a friend that I know he is not as innocent as you want to believe in terms of fidelity.

      12. @violet

        First of all, the people that said he cheated are not saying it is an opinion but they state it like it is a fact! I am not saying for sure he did not but you also do not know for sure if he did. Basically, there is no concrete proof so people are only assuming… What right do you have to tell me to stop saying what I want to say? Also, it is the past now so just let it go… People keep going on and on about it. Jayne owns this site not you! If she is ok with me then you have no right to say anything!

        Reporters can say what they want but she did not need to invite him if she did not truly want to. It is her choice in the end. I had some classmates that got along well with but they did not invite me to their wedding. However, they invited my other classmates.

        Being a flirt does not equate to being a cheater. I am not just talking about Bosco but anyone in general. If he did cheat then he did get lucky but if he did not, I feel bad for him. It is like Kent Tong still suffering due to Barbara Yung’s death after all these years even though he did nothing wrong. Anyways, the past is the past and she is married with children now while he is still single and wandering around… Bosco is now paying his dues so what more do you all want? Cheating is bad but there are things worse. Some may not cheat and are faithful in love but are horrible people in other ways. I have a feeling Bosco may not be the best partner as of now, but does not seem like a bad and horrible person overall. Maybe he is more fit to be single…

    2. @jesspepperwang
      It has nothing to do with age. I know some who do not marry until their 40s and even 50s. How do you know for sure he cheated? If he did then why did Myolie still treat him like a friend and invite him to her wedding? I doubt anyone would do that if their ex cheated on them.

      1. @jesspepperwang @hetieshou Bosco must be your die hard fan? You sound very protective toward him. How can you be so certain that he had never cheated in a relationship? It happens a lot in the entertainment industry, there are countless famous people and celebrities who had cheated on their partner, some were lucky enough not to get caught red handed by paparazzi.

        Revealing his three golden criteria when seeking a girlfriend: First she must be a forgiving person who gives him alot of freedoom. Second, she cannot even ask or question about his whereabouts. He also stated that he’s someone who would care and prioritize his friends over a girlfriend.
        Based on the interview with Bosco, it sounds like he isn’t the type of man who values commitment or interested in having a serious relationship.

      2. @sam01
        No, I am not a fan of his but I learned to look deeper into things instead of just taking things at face value. I apply that to people I know personally too, not just entertainers because no one knows except for them. Even if I was a fan of Bosco, I am not bias to think he is a perfect angel. Myolie isn’t perfect either since no one is perfect. Everyone makes it seem like Bosco is some evil devil while Myolie is some sweet angel. Who truly knows?

      3. @hetieshou I think what most people on here are saying is: good people cheat too. Bosco is an entertaining performer and not a bad person, but most likely not a serious nor good partner and definitely not looking for commitment and can’t and hasn’t been able to commit up until now….

    3. @jesspepperwang Why do you compare Benjamin to Bosco? As for Bowie, she doesnt seem clingy. In an interview, Benjamin said Bowie lets him do whatever (in terms of hobbies, I believe). Bowie also said being with Ben has made her into a better person.

  4. His dating history and status as a celeb would make any woman think twice about getting serious with him. Like Ron I doubt these two are gonna settle unless fate happens and suddenly decide they want to get married. Honestly unless he wants a kid I doubt he will settle. There’s just no reason for him to when he’s pretty much got it all.

  5. He doesnt want a gf, he just want a friend with benefits. So, he basically wants someone to have sex with but one who would not demand anything from him.

    Honestly, I understand the not being clingy and spending all his time with gf part ( everone needs some me time) and understand the rumors, but prioritizing friends over gf? No girls would want that. Even if number one spot is for parents, second spot is a must for gf/ bf. Besides, not telling the gf where he is going is just not responsible. I would want to know where my other half is going even if I dont go with him. Its just so I can be sure that he is safe and not have to worry that an accident have happened

    1. @dreamer

      Whether he wants to or not only he would know that. None of us should assume anything. Also, even if you are married or in a relationship, there are times that you should go or do what you want to need to do. I do not think you need to report over every little thing. If you do, then where is the trust?

      1. @hetieshou I have a soft spot for Bosco, but after reading the article, I had a pretty negative image of Bosco, but looking back again and reading the comments, this article has its flaw and it’s not the writer’s fault. The 3 golden criteria are somewhat vague. There’s no measurement.
        To what extent did he mean by all those things?
        #1 – the second sentence appears to give an example of priorities. Was he trying to say that he wants a balanced time; therefore, he cannot always be with his girlfriend 24/7
        #2 – the word “report” sounds kinda harsh. Was he trying to say that he doesn’t want to report to his gf in every moment? (possibly had a past of these sorts of ppl and there are these kinds of ppl) Or, will he be completely upset if you simply “ask” him where he is? Big difference.
        #3 – Does he expect his gf to immediately forgive him when something happens or after they’ve built a foundation of trust? Cuz it makes sense to have the trait to forgive because of his work, but it wouldn’t make sense to expect someone to trust you right from the beginning.

        However, if we just follow all these words/phrases like, “prioritize friends,” “report,” and “forgiving,” then yeah, I’m so glad Bosco is single. lmao

      2. @mi520
        I am not a fan of Bosco or anything but just want to be fair. Plus who knows if this article is 100% the truth. This article is translated too so the original may not sound as bad. I will read the original and see. But if he is truly like that then it is better that he stay single for now until he changes. However, if he doesn’t then maybe he will stay single for life since not everyone has to get married and have a family. Marriage and being in a relationship is not for everyone.

      3. @mi520 after reading the article properly, I find his criterias incredibly stupid and unrealistic.
        No one wants to be treated like second class in a relationship. His attitude of wanting to come and go when he pleases and to not have to report to anyone is selfish and not the way a responsible and mature adult will act.
        If he wants any form of a relationship he needs to be able to compromise with what that actually means. If not, then he should be prepared that its not going to be anything meaningful.

      4. @sam01 Hmm ok in the interview, he didnt really specify that they were must have criterias but he did expand on the prioritising friends over girlfriend, which is still lame. The difference for him apparently is that at home (with girlfriend) he can sit there all day and not say anything but when out with friends he will chat nonstop. So he has more fun with friends, but the important things in life is with your other half, and theyre the ones that have to deal with your crap all the time not your friends.

      5. @megamiaow If he has more fun with friends than his partner, then maybe he hasnt found the girl that he has the most fun with. Also the right friends will let you sit in silence too. There should be a balance between friendship & relationship. I dont know about prioritizing one over the other. I’ve known my best friend longer than my boyfriend & she is like a sister to me

      6. @sam01 Thank you for the link!

        Comparing the video with the article, I’m starting to feel like this article is only taking pieces and creating a jigsaw puzzle.

        #1 Even if the video may not be the full version, they never stated that these are the “3 Golden Criteria.” When you say “golden,” it’s supposed to sound permanent or strong standards, but the interviewer only asked his type and the article didn’t exactly put all the points in either.
        #2 Furthermore, that picture was 2 years ago. I found it in his IG. I’m starting to get suspicious. I mean, if this article was a full translation on a video, shouldn’t the picture be his most recent or at least the ones in the interview?
        #3 Also, I was watching this show called 各位游客请注意 and in one of the episodes, he states that he would rather his girlfriend call and scold him as to why he disappeared for 3 days than to receive multiple texts. Therefore, the second golden criterion appears to be incorrect because he is willing to reason, but does not want to file a report.
        #4 As for the third criteria, in one of the interviews of Tiger’s Talk, he needed his gf to be forgiving as his work is related to filming intimate scenes with actresses. Without forgiveness, the relationship won’t last. Ron and Bosco even joked they should show them a video (obstacle) of all their intimate scenes to give their gf a heads up of what they were in for.

        Nevertheless, despite that there were multiple inadequacies throughout the article, prioritizing friends over girlfriend is an ultimate no-no and I repeat @hetieshou ‘s words, “stay single for now until he changes.” LOL

  6. If he really loves or values his freedom SO MUCH, he shouldn’t get a girlfriend or wife! Full stop. As simple as that. If his heart is always wild, it will not stop him from wandering around.

  7. He is not ready for a girlfriend or a serious relationship plain and simple. He cannot have those unrealistic criterias for his gf when he does get one because he apparently doesn’t understand what a relationship is suppose to be. I understand the non-clingy part, but not willing to tell your gf where you’re at is only a problem if she has trust issues and questions and doubts your whereabouts all the time which can be exhausting — but if it’s a normal trusting relationship, he should not feel like he is reporting to her but see it as simply idle chitchat where you tell someone where you’re at and what you are doing. And lastly, to prioritize your friends over your significant other? That is a huge red flag. And totally unacceptable. She’s not your significant other then if you feel that way. Sounds to me he still hasn’t sown his wild oats which is ok but he needs to make it clear with any girl he’s seeing that he basically doesn’t want a relationship, probably just friends with benefits. He needs to stay single and not mess with people’s hearts cuz he still has a lot more growing up to do. Didn’t realize he was like this. Myolie for sure dodged a bullet.

    1. @gnomageddon @bennyjr Revealing his three golden criteria when seeking a girlfriend: First she must be a forgiving person who gives him alot of freedoom. Second, she cannot even ask or question about his whereabouts. He also stated that he’s someone who would care and prioritize his friends over a girlfriend. Based on the interview with Bosco, it sounds like he isn’t the type of man who values commitment or interested in having a serious relationship.

      1. @sam01
        If he is like that for real then maybe he should stay single unless he changes. Look at Aaron Kwok, I never thought he would marry but he did,even though it was a bit late. But then again, not everyone has to marry and have kids. People can marry, divorce,etc,.. Many celebrities or even regular people get married several times in their lives.

      2. @hetieshou It was also Aaron Kwok’s mom’s greatest wish to see him get married and become a father. Perhaps that’s why he agreed to get married after Moka became pregnant. Aaron changed because of his love for his mom largely, but he is still willing to change himself for the love of his family and allegedly doesn’t go out and party as much after the birth of his daughters.

      3. @jayne
        I know it was his mom’s wish but he also knew he is no longer young so had to settle down sooner or later if he really wanted a family. As we can see, Bosco loves his mom dearly too and maybe he will change for his mom too or a few years down the line, he may realize he needs to change if he wants to start a family.

      4. @jayne Im glad he was able to do this before her passing. He might not like settling down but his filiality was well known.

  8. I think Bosco had yet to meet the right girl. When the right girl appear, I’m sure he’ll settle down & commit the relationship. As good example, both Aaron kwok & Leon lai become father after 50yrs old.

    Did he actually cheat on Myolie? It’s jst rumour. I felt they end their relationship as both not ready to settle down, especially Bosco. Anyway Myolie is happily married with 2 kids.

    Both Bosco & Ron are HK golden bachelors

    1. @bennyjr His 3 criteria cannot be fulfilled by a girlfriend or wife, but they are perfectly okay for something less serious or not serious at all?

      Have you ever met a man that prioritizes his friends over his gf? My boyfriend and I have our own set of friends and spend a healthy amount time with them, but if it came down to spending my Wednesday night with my boyfriend or friend, it would be my boyfriend. And I travel alone 3 weeks out of the year too, so we trust each other 100% and value each other 200% <3

      1. @jesspepperwang
        ” His 3 criteria cannot be fulfilled by a girlfriend or wife, but they are perfectly okay for something less serious or not serious at all?”

        Maybe that’s why Bosco insists that he’s only friends with Rose Chan. They seem to be beyond friends, but maybe not in an exclusive and committed relationship yet. As long as the women he is involved with understand that, then it’s not hurting anyone.

    2. @bennyjr All I can say about age: we have to use the rule to make the exception and not the exception to make the rule. Aaron and Leon are BIG time exceptions. Aaron married a 24 yo at age 50 and Leon was married and divorced. Nothing wrong with those profiles, but I think most people on here are probably talking first time marriage and with someone +/- 10 years of your age?

  9. Haha, from his requirements, it sounds like only independent, career oriented women can fulfill them. After all, a career woman will place her own life and career above everything so she surely wouldn’t have the time to nag or interrogate his whereabouts.

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