Myolie Wu: “My Ex Made Me More Mature; My Hubby Pampers Me Like A Child”

Sharing the good news of her second pregnancy recently, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) has achieved the joyous saying of “two babies in three years” after marriage. Today a happily married wife and mom, the actress had reflected on her relationships and concluded, “My two ex-boyfriends were both fantastic, one taught me to be a gentle lady and the other taught me to be a mature woman, but I like my current partner the most, he taught me how to go back to being a child.”

“Boscolie” – Underground Dating Turned TV’s Golden Couple

The 37-year-old actress entered TVB after winning second runner-up in Miss Hong Kong 1999. In 2005, Myolie broke up with her Eurasian boyfriend of four years; that same year she filmed the drama Wars of In-Laws <我的野蛮奶奶> and got to know Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), her co-star and onscreen spouse.

Myolie and Bosco only referred to each other as “good friends” for the next seven years. However, their relationship was an open secret and the two were Hong Kong TV’s golden couple in the eyes of many.

2011 was a milestone year for Myolie in both her career and romance. Winning Best Actress at the TVB Anniversary Awards, she confessed to Bosco while receiving her award onstage, saying, “I know I am hard to bear, though you are no better and we hope we can ‘defy’ the public together.”

Sadly, Boscolie came to an end not long after the relationship became official. Meeting Bosco when she was 26 and breaking up at 33, it is not an understatement to say that Myolie gave the best of her youth to Bosco. The relationship taught her about handling matters in the best possible manner. The two experienced the pressures of a high-profile relationship as well as handling the media’s glare after their breakup.

Meeting Husband at a Friend’s Birthday Party: Love At First Sight

Since their breakup in 2012, Bosco has had a few different girlfriends, whereas Myolie focused on developing her career in Mainland China, guest-starring on several variety programs. It was only in 2015 that she admitted to the media about dating current husband, entrepreneur Philip Lee (李乘德).

Myolie met Philip at a mutual friend’s birthday party. What is her first impression of Philip? Myolie said sweetly, “When I raised my head and saw him walking in, my heart skipped a few beats. It was love at first sight, and we hit it off really well, so much that I kept wondering why I met him only (now).”

If Bosco was like a big kid and the proverbial “prodigal son”, Phillip could be described as the man who turned Myolie into “a happy child”, by giving her plenty of what many women often described as that intangible value they look for in their partners – a reassuring sense of security.

What A Woman Wants

Since the very beginning of their relationship, Myolie was able to sense Philip’s sincerity. He asked her upfront if she had ever considered marriage and having children, adding that they “might not be suitable” if she had not given the future serious thought.

Besides sharing the same life goals, Philip is also a soulmate who brought out Myolie’s best. “The most important was that we had common lines of communication, self-expression and values. We talk about everything under the sun and can forego sleep just to chat. Whenever I have a myopic view, he would remind me to be grateful for the many things that I already have and not (merely) focus on the unhappy aspects.”

Even when the couple are busy with work or other commitments, they would find a way to communicate. “We would exchange text messages, which are very very lengthy. Sometimes he would even review old messages.” Indeed, Myolie seems like less a mother of two than a happily pampered girl.

Source: Elle HK

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  1. She’s indeed very lucky to find a partner who dotes & pampers her with affection & attention.

    Bosco, I think, forced her to be more independent because of his carefree lifestyle & personality. She can’t ask him for more because he won’t give more. In contrast, Phillip gives her his full undivided attention and requests full commitment.

    I think most women with any desire to settle down one day will give Phillip greater consideration over Bosco, the eternal bachelor.

    Or maybe it’s more correct to assume that immature women go for bad boys, but mature women look for stable, good men.

    1. @coralie agree with what you said. Just want to add more, another problem with Bosco and Myolie is that she doesn’t feel the security, given that Bosco is very handsome and a smooth talker to the ladies, if he doesn’t do everything to give her that sense of security, they just won’t last. Whereas Phillip is like straight up serious about family and kids, he isn’t playing for fun, he is in for the long haul. That gives a much much stronger sense of security

  2. I do ship Bosco and Myolie but am happy now that she happily married and Philip treats her very well.

    1. @hannah Agree with your comment. I was devastated when Boscolie broke up and kept hoping they would reconcile. But seeing how happy Myolie is after she married Philip and with their son Brendan now, she picked the right spouse.

  3. Does Myolie need to recount past relationships now that she is married? Is that necessary at all? What is she trying to say – that she has now made the perfect choice! Does she not think that this may cause some awkward moments for some including her own husband! Some things are best kept to yourself. The whole world need not know about them. Savour them as memories!

    1. @myozzie can’t blame her for being unhappy. Bosco wasted her youth. she gave him 7 years of her life! how many 7 years does a woman have? if Bosco had committed, she would be happily married and kids would be a few years old by now.

      1. @janet72
        It’s a mutual agreement to enter a relationship. Can’t blame the male for wasting the female’s youth. Bosco also aged during the 7 years,not just Myolie….

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