Wu Chun Caught in Extended Shanghai Lockdown

Entering the third week of lockdown, Shanghai residents are growing restless and scrambling for food supplies as they are forbidden to step outside their homes. Celebrities who are residing in the city are also left with uncertainty as COVID-19 cases continue surging at all-time high levels, and authorities made no signs of easing quarantine restrictions yet.

Wu Chun Remains Positive

Announcing his relocation from Brunei to China, Wu Chun (吳尊) and his family permanently moved to Shanghai at the end of March. The actor hoped to be closer to more work opportunities and allow his children to better learn Chinese culture and language.

Days after their arrival, the city government imposed a strict lockdown due to the worsening COVID-19 outbreak. Although the family did not fully settle in yet, they adapted to the situation quickly. His children have been staying fit and devised indoor games to play with each other.

“This difficult time should also be a time to send positive energy. A little more tolerance, a little more patience–neighbors need to take care of each other, especially if there are only elderly people at home,” Wu Chun said. He saw it as an opportunity to spend more time with family. “In fact, home isolation can also be fulfilling…. There is always a way to do something that makes life more meaningful. Do housework to make the home more perfect; challenge the existing ingredients to make delicious food.”

In a photo posted by a netizen, Wu Chun is seen taking his children to get a nucleic acid test. He was very kind and polite, as he showed great manners when interacting with the staff and also personally delivered them bananas as support. Although currently in lockdown, many hope the star and his family will soon get a chance to immerse themselves into the vibrant city life.

Benny Chan’s Family Complains of Price Gouging

Hong Kong actor Benny Chan (陳浩民) relocated his wife Lisa Jiang (蔣麗莎) and their four children to Shanghai two years ago. The couple made video clips to share their lives during their lockdown, and inadvertently exposed their spacious home.

Lisa also complained of the price gouging the family faced. As government food distributions were not sufficient to feed their large family, they paid for private delivery. In the past, four pounds of vegetables which cost 50 Chinese yuan now cost 1,500 yuan. Adding the 500 yuan in delivery fee made the entire transaction amount to 2,000 yuan. Although their family could afford to pay the price, Lisa lamented that other families may not be able to pay such prices for their groceries.

Several Taiwanese artistes including Eddie Peng (彭于晏), Lee Lichun (李立群), and Will Liu (劉畊宏) and his wife Vivi Wang (王婉霏) were also caught in the Shanghai lockdown. They all shared their experiences in dealing with food shortages and receiving essential food boxes from the government.

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This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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