Wu Chun Moves Permanently to China

Flying his family over to China last year, Wu Chun (吳尊) could film for variety shows while spending time with his wife and two children. Although there has been ongoing rumors of the actor permanently moving to China, Wu Chun actor finally officially announced his relocation on March 21.

Initially, Wu Chun’s children, NeiNei and Max, were said to study in Australia. After news surfaced that Wu Chun had plans to move to China instead, he and his family surprisingly went back to Brunei, leaving questions as to whether they will remain in his birth country instead.

Back home in Brunei, Wu Chun shared photos of his family during quarantine. Since Wu Chun’s sprawling home was equipped with water slides, basketball courts, tennis and badminton courts, many netizens commented that his quarantine period looked more like a luxurious resort vacation.

Apparently, Wu Chun was only back in Brunei to make final preparations before relocating his entire family to China. Making an official announcement on social media, Wu Chun wrote, “23 luggage cases, 450 kilograms – all thanks to NeiNei and Max’s help. The power of family. Yes, we’re moving to China. New life, new dreams, new experiences – we hope to create more beautiful memories!”

Blessings and warm messages flooded Wu Chun’s social media where netizens welcomed his move. Many believe he will find more work opportunities in China, while some netizens hope that NeiNei and Max will continue to improve their Chinese.

Source: Hket

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

Wu Chun’s Brunei Home Looks Like a 5-Star Resort

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  1. Wu Chun comes from a wealthy family with rich connection in Brunei… To uproot his family to China must be such a tough decision to make. In Brunei, he enjoys luxuries lifestyle, security and most important privacy for his family and himself. He has to give those up to live in highly polluted, competitive and lack of privacy China. His decision to uproot and get his kids to explore their Chinese roots is very interesting. His kids are young, so they can still travel and explore different culture.
    We know Wu Chun is a man who puts his family first… He is a good husband, father and person. I doubt his career will leap much higher now… Since the Gov is clamping down in artists working with their kids in variety show etc… And to be honest, we know he is not a great actor for his age and experience.
    But he will still earn a decent wage in China as he has a stable fanbase. I love seeing him out of his idol package.
    I sincerely wish his family happiness in their new environment and embracing new cultures.

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