Wu Chun Celebrates 24th Anniversary with Wife

Wu Chun (吳尊) and his marriage was the industry’s most well-kept secret. From modeling, to acting, to becoming a member of the boy band Fahrenheit (飛輪海), Wu Chun managed to protect his wife from the prey of the outside media. It wasn’t until 2013—eight years after his debut—when he publicly confirmed that he was already married.

Even after going public, Wu Chun rarely talks about his private life, out of respect for his family. On February 1, the actor shared on Weibo that it was he and his wife’s 24th anniversary.

He said, “24 days today…. my life was changed, changed for the better… with you, I feel perfect.” He gifted his wife souvenirs he brought from Melbourne, where they both attended university. On the gifted perfume bottle, he wrote, “To my best friend, wife and super mom. Happy 24th anniversary!”

Wu Chun shared a photo of him kissing his wife, but the photo was darkened to protect his wife’s privacy.

The couple started dating when they were 16 years old, in 1996. Following his debut with Fahrenheit in 2005, Wu Chun’s popularity skyrocketed. His wife—then girlfriend at the time—didn’t want to be in the public eye, and also didn’t know how to deal with the press should the relationship go public.

Wu Chun is extremely grateful for his wife’s support and patience. “I understood and respected that decision,” Wu Chun had said. “Because of her 100 percent support, I was able to confidently face all the difficult challenges in my entertainment career.”

Wu Chun and his wife have two children: Neinei, born in 2010, and Max, born in 2013. Both of his children had starring roles in the Chinese reality show Where Are We Going, Dad? <爸爸去哪兒>.

Source: Ettoday.net

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Impressive indeed!! 16 yo to now and I didn’t even know he’s 40 already? wow wow…lol and what’s impressive about it was he kept it so low profile and had kids and not having to wait after 40 or 50 yo to have kids like some. haha lol…

  2. I actually find it sad that he could not be honest from the beginning and had to lie through his teeth but is now gushing about his wife and family at every chance he gets. Why suddenly the 180 degrees turn??

    1. @hetieshou right?? Wu Chum kept everything so secretive for so many years. When the buzz started to leak out about him married with kids, he denied it and threatened to sue. Why they do that, I don’t know. He even did or said nothing when the crazy fans were shipping him madly with a female costar, and saying him and the costar were dating. Now he can’t get that 360 turn spinning enough, lol.

      1. @renren
        Exactly and it is not a big deal if he is married with kids but just be honest about it as the truth will come out sooner or later. Since it came out, he got a lot of backlash for lying through his teeth but is now gushing about it like there is no tomorrow. I find that so annoying and extremely fake. He even put his children on that one show after saying that he will protect his children and keep them out of the limelight. The sad part is he even showed his daughter naked while giving her a bath. What the heck? How much more of a liar can you be???

    2. @hetieshou

      Wu Chun kept his wife and family in the dark, afraid that they would kill his career as a dream guy for young fans BUT began selling them the moment he discovered they would keep his fame and fortune in the ET industry. That’s what happens when an entertainer literally has no talent or anything to sustain their fame besides looks and their private lives. It’s Wu Chun who constantly shoves his private life into the public for business, now that he’s no longer a desired male lead, sort of killed those vibes. Lol

      It’s sort of funny seeing posts like this because he was rumored to be dating Ella Chen of S.H.E at one point and even Angela Zhang? I guess to guys like him, he likes to paint the picture a certain way that benefits him. Lol

      I watched Martial Universe for Crystal Zhang and boy, Wu Chun was still such a bad actor after all these years. Lol

      1. @lynn90
        Yes that is exactly what he did which does not paint a good picture of him even as a person. I saw his acting and it was never ever good to begin with. His singing is not good either which is why he only sung some background lines and that was it when he was in Fahrenheit. The other 3 have had solos and are pretty good singers but not him. It is sad how he is now selling his looks and family as he has no talent whatsoever. Luckily, his family is already wealthy and he has his own business or else he cannot rely on the entertainment industry to make a living since he has no talent at all. Sigh…

      2. @hetieshou Yup, no talent Wu Chun. Truth be told, he is the weak link in singing and acting from Fahrenheit. He depended on his looks to get by. Aaron has proven to be a decent singer and actor. He got the least recognition and he turned out to be the best. If I was the spouse of any of these men and women, to live in secret and hiding from the world, I would feel insulted and disrespected. I Guess that is an Asian entertainment thing though. When Mike He got married, he only made it public because he is washed up has been. In fact he never was. He too depended on his looks and lied through his teeth about having a girlfriend, or a beard, whatever. His side kick also lied about having a partner, who I heard he got hitched with somewhere in Europe two years ago this summer. Nobody put a rifle to their heads. Say you have someone, or don’t say anything at all. That is why I can appreciate Aaron Yan. He never admitted, nor did he deny. That is why he got no backlash, (except from from crazy, childish fans, who wanted him for themselves or Puff) when he was outed. Due to the way Wu Chun threatened lawsuits and denied the existence of his family, I have lost any respect I had for him.

      3. @renren
        Exactly and I honestly never found Wu Chun that good looking but everyone was saying he was the visual in FRH. He has no talent so was chosen for his looks only. I think Jiro, Aaron and Calvin all have some kind of talent but he had none. I found it pathetic that he threatened with law suits and all just to hide his lies. How sad is that? But now is shoving his wife, kids and private life down our throats. I guess he is just desperate for attention. I hate it when anyone does the 360 degree turn. Jimmy Lin did the same thing which made me lose respect for him too. Is it that hard to tell the truth?

        I actually feel bad for Aaron as he is talented and did not lie through his teeth. However, he got betrayed by his ex boyfriend which revealed his sexuality and private life. Aaron actually suffered more versus Wu Chun. I guess Wu Chun just got lucky.

        Yes, Mike He announced it because he was past his prime. I think Mike is more talented than Wu Chun is.

      4. @lynn90 yeah, I remember the fans were shipping him with Ella like mad, rabid fools, whose lives depended on him and Ella being together. That was wild and unbelievable. He never asked the fans to stop the shipping, and explained that him and Ella were not in a relationship. He soaked it up to hide his wife and kids. How sad is that.

      5. @renren Honestly, I think not only did he lead the fans on, he also deeply lead Ella on, too. Thus, is why they had a huge fallout. After the fallout, Fahrenheit and S.H.E who were under the same company and collaborated in songs, music videos, to concerts never did so again. It was always so awkward between Wu Chun and Ella up to a point of them avoiding each other, even the name of the other wasn’t pleasant to the ears. My hunch is, the rumors were true. They dated at one point. That’s why I find Wu Chun’s true love story laughable. Haha.

        I’ve noticed that Taiwanese and Hong Kong celebrities are bigger and longer liars compared to Mainlanders. The list of male celebrities from Taiwan and Hong Kong just grows, those that hide their girlfriends, wives, and kids. Yet Mainlanders are so open. They be dating in their early twenties and have the courage to admit it.

        That’s why I wouldn’t be surprised if Eddie Peng or Wilber Pan announce that they’ve been married with kids for a while. I mean, no one honestly even knew Godfrey had a girlfriend of 3 years. So I applaud Mainlanders for being man enough to give respect to their partners.

        People can dislike HXM and Angelababy all they want but that couple dated a few years openly before getting hitched and then having their son. At least, they did it the right way, at least to me.

      6. @lynn90 There is nothing more fulfilling than having people to love, and be loved in return. It is not only romantic love, it can be love from relatives, friends and even pets. However, there is something very special about romantic love and kids born out of a relationship. It is up to celebrities to tell the public and media about their families or partner. They are human too and can decide they want to keep that part of their lives private. What I don’t understand is the threats of suing when they know the news being spread about them is true. If these men and women do not want to discuss their relationships, they are entitled to that freedom of choice. However, I find it very insulting when they tell the public and media that they don’t have a girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse or children when they do. Most of the times they are not even asked. They just volunteer this information without any question or pressure. This I find pathetic. Wu Chun certainly falls under that description. Say nothing if you are not going to tell the truth about your love or child status. If Mike He was not washed up, no way would he announce his wife and child, as he was saying only months before that he did not have a girlfriend. Allegedly,Joe Cheng is married to some SheMan named He Zhengmei and he preached he had no girlfriend for years. Another Taiwanese singer was married for almost twenty years to a beard and always announced (without even being asked) that he does not have a girlfriend, or if he ever married, he will not tell the public or media. He hid the *wife* well. She was only seen with him when everyone was whispering that he is gay and has Aids or the HIV virus. He did waste away to nothing so he finally decided to show his wife to the world to stop the gay and HIV rumors. Yes, Taiwanese and Hong Kong celebs do hide behinds beards a lot, or they love to hide their relationships and lie through their teeth about said relationships. They need to be quiet if they don’t want to announce their partners or kids. It is an insult to the fans who make them who they are.

      7. @lynn90

        I have a feeling that you are right and Wu Chun and Ella did date at one point while he kept his girlfriend/wife in the shadows. I find that very pathetic and sad. He led everyone on and it is no wonder FRH and SHE do not even associate with each other anymore. They are so awkward around each other. Yes, that is why I find Wu Zun gushing about his wife and family all very fake and pathetic.

        Mainlanders are more open while Taiwanese and HK artists lie through their teeth a lot more. I wonder why they need to lie so much as once the truth comes out, they will face a lot of backlash. You should see the Korean celebrities, it is much worse but understandable as their fans and society are beyond crazy.

        I do not remember if HXM and Angelababy were open at first but mainlanders are generally more open and honest. Like Gao Yuan Yuan was open when she dated Mark. She was caught with him and admitted it right away as opposed to some who are caught red handed but yet still lie through their teeth. That is beyond pathetic.

      8. @hetieshou I did not want to say anything , but you and #lynn90 are right. It appears that Wu Chun dated Ella and kept the fact that he was a married and family man a secret. Of course Ella won’t have a clue. He had to keep the wife a secret as adultery is considered a criminal act in Taiwan and is against the law. I too find him so pathetic and such a hypocrite. I know many celebs in Hong Kong and Taiwan do not want to exclusively date someone from the industry, but they don’t mind bedding them on the side while they have someone special tucked away. Allegedly, Mike He did the same thing, but it wasn’t with Rainie Yang. It was with two other costars, while he had his now wife on the side. Jay Chou was notorious for denying he was with Hannah Quinlivan, and also threatened lawsuits, insulted the media and physically beat up and broke cameras belonging to the paparazzi. Now he too is all over the news with Hanna. It is pathetic. Then they make the excuse that the women don’t like the spotlight. These women do not want to be celebrities themselves, but they don’t mind being seen in public, proudly on the arms of their husbands a d boyfriends. Look at Carol Zhu Liqian. She is so happy when out in public with Andy and Hanna. Good for Andy to wake up and realise his wife wants to be seen with her man in public. She was a social butterfly before she went underground for him. Every good thing that Andy does for Her, Carol deserves it, and then some. I appreciate that he is not shoving Hanna down our throats , like some have with their kids. Mainlanders are more open with their relationships, especially if they get caught. They will admit the relationship instead of lying, denying and insulting the intelligence of their fans and the public in general.

      9. @cutie777

        Yes Andy lied and suffered for it too. However, at least Andy is consistent as he was secretive before and shared slowly. He does not gush about his family and over exposes them like Wu Chun and Jimmy Lin did. I hate it when people lie and are all secretive about it but after it is out, over expose and tries to sell their family for attention and money. That is what Jimmy Lin and Wu Chun have been doing. They even put their kids on that show just to get money. But before that were all preaching about protecting their children from the limelight. At the very least Andy did not do that and shared tidbits about his family but tried to remain low key and not over expose them.

  3. Honestly feel vindicated that so many here feel the same way I did back when Wu Chun/Mike were at the top of their game. Never found either of them that attractive. I don’t find Jasper Liu attractive now either; let’s see what happens to him a decade from now…

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