Wu Chun and Wife’s Privileged Background Revealed

Wu Chun’s (吳尊) explosive debut with the Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit (飛輪海) in 2005 had some sacrifices. To protect his image and his family in Brunei, he had to deny that he was dating Lin Li Ying (林麗瑩), his longtime girlfriend and later wife. It was Li Yin who told Chun to deny her existence.

“When I first went to Taiwan, [Li Ying] went with me,” said Chun. “I also introduced her to my friends in Taiwan, but at the time, I was just starting to get popular. She didn’t want to become a hot topic; she said she wouldn’t know how to face [the publicity]. She didn’t want me to publicize her identity. She wanted to live a low-profile life, and I respected her decision. I wanted to guard her well. I had no choice but to lie in order to protect our relationship.”

Li Ying’s Family Had Ties with Brunei’s Sultan

According to reports, Li Ying was born in 1980. Her father was the masseur and nutritionist for the fourth brother of Brunei’s current Sultan. It was reported that Li Ying’s father is very well-known among the overseas Chinese social circle in Brunei, and Li Ying herself was Chun’s high school classmate.

Like Li Ying, Chun also comes from a very privileged and wealthy family in Brunei. His father Goh Kim Tian (吳景添) is an estate tycoon, and the family’s car agency company is one of the country’s most popular companies.

According to Chun, Li Ying was a relative of his brother-in-law. When Chun was 16 years old, his brother-in-law remarked that Chun still did not have any dating experiences yet, and thus introduced him to Li Ying. Chun said their first encounter was awkward, but after getting to know each other some more, he admired her personality. Soon, he fell in love.

“It was crazy,” Chun said when recalling his dating life. “We’d call each other every day and talk on the phone for at least two hours. One year I picked her up from school every day too.”

Though Chun and Li Ying have been together since they were 16, the couple rarely show affection towards each other in public. Chun explained, “Brunei is a simple place. When people see couples acting intimately with each other, they are very uncomfortable, so [Li Ying] avoids that.”

Fourteen years after becoming a couple, Chun and Li Ying decided to register for marriage in Brunei in 2009. In 2011, Li Ying gave birth to their first born daughter, Nei Nei. While Chun was working in Taiwan, she helped to manage Chun’s gymnasium business in Brunei, while operating her own nail store and spa. She would also often visit Chun in Taiwan.

In 2011, rumors of Chun being a father began to surface, and many reporters traveled to Brunei to scour more information. The magazine that broke the information reported that Chun suddenly requested for a month and a half leave from his company so he could return to Brunei and take care of his sick father. It turned out that Chun was not visiting his sick father, but his pregnant wife. However, at the time, not much information was collected as many people in Brunei were determined to maintain Chun and Li Ying’s privacy.

Chun finally admitted to being married in October 2013 in a blog post. That month, Chun also announced the birth of his second child, a son, who shares the same birthday as Li Ying.

“After communicating with my wife about this, we’ve decided that it was finally time to share our happiness with everyone,” said Chun in an interview. “In the past, whenever we go out with our group of friends, I wasn’t able to walk with her and our daughter. When my daughter called for me, I couldn’t respond to her. I felt bad. My wife noticed how uncomfortable I was. She has more courage than me.”

Source: ifeng.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. You’re rich as along as you’re tied to the sultan’s circle in Brunei. That’s called cronyism, not skills and ability.

    Brunei is such a small place, how big a volume of business can you do to get wealthy?

    Not much, unless you’re in business with the sultanate dictatorship or in the now depleting oil industry, which enabled the tiny kingdom to become rich in the first place.

    Now with the introduction of hudud criminal laws, that medieval backward islamic penal code, the country has drawn more international criticisms and ire.

    Better bring your family to Taiwan or China to stay long term, all over South East Asia is no place for future generations of Chinese, other than Singapore.

    Do your children a favour, don’t spoil their future when you have the opportunity to make a difference in their lives.

  2. Is it me or is WC trying to save his image? I feel he’s coming up with all kinds of stuffs to justify why he lied.

    1. Yes, while he once said nothing about his wife and daughter to the point of lying, he now can’t stop talking. Just want to tell him ****.

    2. @Hannah

      You are completely right. Wu Chum is (1)trying to save his career,(2) regain his popularity and, (3) justify his lies and threats at the same time. Talk about killing three bird with one stone, lol.

      I remember when Andy was exposed and he kept saying that some woman wanted to sleep with him. What did that have to do with him lying to the fans and threatening people. He also said he kept his relationship private to avoid the triads hurting his wife. If the triads want to find you, if you hide in hell, they will you and come after you. The media and all of Asia knew about Carol, does Mr. Delusional think the triads did not know.

      Advice to celebs…….

      When your marriage and children are exposed, please be the hypocrite that you are and give the false apology that you have to give to salvage your career and save face, cause sensible folk know you are sorry that you got found out. After giving the insincere apology, keep quiet and move on. Please refrain from further insulting the intelligence of the people, not the sheeple. It is pathetic to continue to make a donkey out of yourself. LOL

      1. I meant to say that sensible folk know you are only sorry that you got found out.

        I also meant to say that even if you hide in hell, they will find you.

  3. he’s such a lucky guy. handsome appearance, rich background, beautiful wife, and super adorable children.

    1. Yeah ,that right there is nothing better, than …

  4. I think the situation with Andy Lau is very different. Not that I condone his lying, but I think he has a more legitimate reason. The industry was run by triads back then (probably still is in a way). I think it was a very real fear of his girlfriend being hurt (Carina Lau’s tragedy comes to mind). And once you lie, it just snowballs.

    1. Agreed, the triad definitely hit closer to home with the Andy Lau generation than the younger generation (like Wu Chun). Another example is Tony Leung Ka Fai/梁家輝. Safer for Andy Lau not to release any photos of his precious daughter. Way more difficult for Andy Lau to have another child with Carol than it is for the younger generation.

      1. agree too, we don’t know what happened in that being said triads involved industry, heard that andy was once being forced by triads boss to film, he could be traumatic

  5. Oolong

    The industry is still run by the triads and other secret societies as well. I see your point about the fear to Carol and I respect your comment. The thing is, it made no sense to lie because so many people knew that Andyand Carol were a couple. Do you think a powerful organization like a triad would not?. Think about it. That is why I cannot understand the lies and exuses that he tried to pass over after the exposure of his marriage. Can you explain why he said he lied to his fans for many years about Carol because some woman wanted to sleep with him?.

    Are you telling me that the Wu Chun and and Andy Lau lies are different so that makes Andy’s lies justifiable ?. Just asking. I’m interested in your reply.

    1. Haha… to me a LIE is a LIE… I don’t think the reasons will make me think of them as any different or who’s more understandably acceptable.
      Andy Lau – I just don’t get the secrecy of his so called marriage when being asked and he’s hitting his 50s????? Like really, do hardcore fans really care that he is still single when he’s an old man? haha LOL..that’s what i dont get w/him. And the secret of his daughter, flashing that 3 sec pic or whatever. That I guess he can reason it w/I don’t want her getting kidpnapped since he’s so darn popular. So the list can go on and on with him.
      But they all lie so I guess it’s customary for celebs now, they can use tons of reasoning over why they did it and in the end they DID lie w/their eyes wide open.

      1. i don’t think we can blame those celebs to lie, think about those reporters, journalists, etc. they get one news, it could be flourished and become 2,3,4 or more ridiculous news

  6. Highly doubt that his wife is the one to tell him to hide the relationship! Maybe in the beginning she honestly did but to keep it a secret all this years is not believable! & the supposed reason why they hid it seems fake!

    Wu Chun is just a liar! What mother would want her daughter to be kept in the dark all these years? Even if it is true Wu Chun should’ve came out the minute the child was born!

  7. . No mother wants her child to be deprived of not having a normal, healthy and known relationship with his or her father or mother. The Wu Chun excuses are all selfish lies. No wife who is so in love with her husband does not want to be hidden and denied either.

    No fan is so powerful to have control over the marriage or relationship of a celeb. Jet Li Jackie Cheung, Chow Yun Fat, the two Tonies, Raymond Wong and many other handsome men have gone public with their girlfriends who have become their wives and it did not affect their popularity, their bank account or put their spouses or children in danger.

    The ones who believe they have to lie, deny and behave like they are running from terrorists are the ones who are full of themselves, are mentally unstable, or both.

    1. I couldn’t have agreed more. That’s why i always think lots of asians are a bit full of themselves to deny w/those kind of reasoning and why they continue to lie b/c they had to. They could have walked away, zipped it if you can’t admit to the truth when asked. haha LOL…

    2. I also agree with the above comments. Those celebrities are just giving excuses to cover their lies.

  8. Wu Chun looks kinda angry in this wedding pic.

  9. I was happy for Wu Chun when he announces, but after reading such article, I have no idea why I start to think he is da-mn selfish.

  10. Well, at least Wu Zun admits when he’s like in his 30s instead of 50s. But I don’t think much of him nor Mr Andy Lau

  11. People overreacting when his wife is still happily by his side. Who in the entertainment industry doesnt want popularity and a successful career? But to get that, he has to at least lie to fans because fans, especially Asian fans are so delusional thinking that their idol will marry them one day. Now, this is punishment to fans for being delusional and stupid

    1. Couldn’t agree more.
      If I were him, those by my side is more important than others. As long as you have your loved ones’ support and do not betray their trust/love, what others think/say are not important.

      1. So it’s okay to lie and betray others like fans, friends, and coworkers?

        Asian fans? Come on, that’s the most utilized and absurd excuse. Korean fans are known to be the most extreme but look at Korean celebrities: Shinee’s Jonghyun, Kara’s Hara, SNSD’s Yoona, SNSD’s Tiffany, Won Bin, Song Hye Kyo, Hyun Bin, Rain…just to name a few popular celebrities that have shared their relationships with the public and continue to enjoy their careers. Please! That is very a lame excuse.

      2. “If I were him, those by my side is more important than others. As long as you have your loved ones’ support and do not betray their trust/love, what others think/say are not important.”


  12. i never liked wu chun much to be honest. but frankly i’m surprised that his whole country wanted to keep his secret for him. that’s some patriotic loyalty right thurrr.

    1. Yea, I heard that many in his country knew about his marriage/relationship but choose to stay silent.

      His wife looks really different in that photo. SHe looked different and better in the regular photo.

  13. I’m surprised people here has got a lot to say but do not even care that the woman in the photo is not Chun’s wife. Lol

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