Wu Chun Shows Old Dating Photo of Himself at 16

Debuting as one of four members in Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit (飛輪海), Wu Chun’s (吳尊) boyish good looks made him the most popular member of the group. Not wanting to jeopardize his image at the height of his career, Wu Chun rarely spoke about his personal life or relationships.

In 2011, rumors began to arise that Wu Chun was already married. Although he adamantly denied the reports, Wu Chun finally admitted to being married and was already a dad to a three-year-old daughter in 2013. Needless to say, fans were shocked.

To conduct damage control, Wu Chun held a press conference and apologized for lying. His image took a hit and, stating that he hoped to spend more time with his family, Wu Chun took a short hiatus from the entertainment industry. Even after the announcement, Wu Chun has made an immense effort to keep his wife’s identity under wraps in order to protect her privacy.

Years have passed now, and Wu Chun has won his way back into the audience’s heart with a different image, as a loving husband and doting father. For the first time, however, his wife Lin Liying (林麗瑩) will also be appearing alongside him on screen in the variety show, 21 Days Before Marriage <婚前21天>.

In the trailer for 21 Days Before Marriage, Wu Chun shared a photo of the couple when they were 16 years old. Wu Chun shared the post to commemorate the couple’s “24th” anniversary. Although they were married for 16 years, Wu Chun’s post insinuates that he has viewed his then-girlfriend, now-wife, as a marriage partner when they were only 16 years old. In 2004, one year before Wu Chun’s debut with Fahrenheit, the couple registered for marriage.

Fans of the idol were quick to jump on the post. While some expressed their disappointment, others commented their support. One fan wrote, “You ‘got married’ before you even debuted. Isn’t this considered lying to your fans?” Another expressed, “In current times, wouldn’t this disqualify someone as an ‘idol’?” On the other hand, supportive fans wrote, “In comparison to bachelors who play with women’s hearts, reach 50 years old, and then marry someone a lot younger, this is much better.”

Regardless of the divided fandom, audiences are nonetheless excited to see the relationship between Wu Chun and Lin Liying unfold on camera.


Source: Ettoday

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. That probably shows Taiwanese boy band companies are quite lenient? I remember most Korean G/Bands companies do not allow them to date or even have much time to see family members not sure about now or that has slowly changed. BTS did say their company BigHit gives them more space and probably not as strict not too sure about dating life. But back in 2004? You debuted a married man or they knew he was married? Interesting indeed! In any case, that’s miraculously a long relationship.

    1. @wm2017

      Wu Chun left the group after this all went out in the open so not sure about leniency. I do know that some Taiwanese companies like Jstar (which was the company that Joe Chen and Ming Dao were a part of) did not allow dating within the company but allowed them to date people from outside.

      About Kpop, they are still restricted to date but it depends on the company. I heard the company that BLACKPINK is a part of which is YG allows them to after a number of years. BTS’s company, Big Hit allows them to date but they claim to be too busy. They would most likely keep it a secret as there are many crazy fans even if they did date.

      I heard SM did not allow dating for now but many of the artists are still very young so choose to focus on their career anyways.

      I found what Wu Chun did very sad and pathetic. He lied through his teeth but is now gushing about his wife and kids at every chance he gets. I guess he has no talent or credentials as a singer or actor so has to milk his private life for some attention.

  2. They should make a drama out of his love story. They looked so adorable at 16 (sweet, beautiful girl and her handsome bf). Not sure why so-called fans are angry. Even if your idol isn’t married it doesn’t mean you’ll have a chance to marry them – they need to wake up and stop being such a sour grape that they can’t have him or have a such a steadfast relationship as their idol.
    Wu Chun fulfilling his love pledge to his then gf before he debuted is a sign of his confidence in their love and has remained faithful as far as I can see/read cos i don’t recall any unsavoury rumours of him at all.
    Wish them well and may their love last until the end.

    1. @bizzybody
      Actually, there were rumors that he may have dated Ella of SHE at one point. They may have dated at one point but no one knows for sure. If so, he is not so pure, faithful and innocent.

  3. Wu chun definitely a good husband & father. Married 1st love & being loyal despite his popularity etc
    Not many true love in entertainment industry

    1. @bennyjr
      Not really as I have a strong feeling that he may have dated Ella of SHE at some point when he still kept his wife in the dark. If so, he is not such a devoted or loyal husband. Since he lied about being single, he deceived Ella and his wife along with the public and fans.

  4. Haha, he lied a second time about his marriage?! And now, debuting her in a new show? This guy is something else, all together.

    Is that the ONLY argument against angry fans towards celebrities being public compulsive liars? Okay, then what do you say to male fans who are angry for his web of lies? Or married fans who just genuinely support him but don’t condone lying? When someone lies about something this big, it says a lot about their character. I wouldn’t choose to support someone who has to hide their wife and kids for the sake of fame and fortune for decades now. Sure, sure. We all have different opinions but let the fans be angry. What’s wrong with that? They’re entitled to express their frustration at liars, too, you know, be it celebrities or not. Why do people have to make fans look like they’re the ones in the wrong for being disappointed in lying celebrities? Sure, sure. It’s his private life, but it’s a joke when each time his secrets are revealed, he comes out with a new show to display that privacy he so protected and threatened to sue people for infringing. Haha. What a clown this guy truly has been all along.

    The only celebrity I’m a fan of is Hu Ge. I’m already married to the love of my life and have kids. I’ve never dreamed of marrying him. I don’t even like him in a romantic way. Haha. But I’d be disappointed if he ever lied about issues like this. Why?! Because Hu Ge is so wise and unpretentious all along that it’d be pretty shocking if that ever happened. But nothing surprises me anymore. Celebrities are even more wack than commoners. Haha.

    1. @lynn90

      I agree and was about to say the same things. He lied through his teeth for such a long time but is now gushing about his wife and kids at every chance he gets. I find that so sad and pathetic. If he was so keen on sharing his private life then why didn’t he share from the beginning? He could have been honest and fans would have accepted. If they are your true fans then they would support you no matter what.

      I guess Wu Chun has no talent in singing or acting so has to showcase his kids and now his wife in order to get attention. I find that so very sad and am disgusted by his behavior. He was all saying how his wife did not like the limelight. Really? If so then why is he showcasing her so much now? They both turned 360 degrees. What the heck? Hypocrites and compulsive liars! I bet their teeth will fall out soon.

      I like Hu Ge a lot and he has always been open and honest about his relationships. But the good thing is, his fans are mature and supportive of him and even encourage him to find a partner to spend his life with. I wish all fans were like that. The sad part was Hu Ge’s late mom did not like his girlfriends. I hope he finds someone his father likes as his mom has passed away.

      I totally agree that celebrities do so many unpredictable things that nothing shocks me anymore. However, I hope Hu Ge will not as I would be disappointed too. Celebrities are like politicians since they constantly lie through their teeth.

      Wu Chun is pretty much gone as a celebrity so must try to stay in the limelight by milking his private life for all it is worth. It feels like he is milking it like the media is milking the Coronavirus. Once again, how shameful and pathetic!

      1. @hetieshou @lynn90 I don’t get it, why so much hate to Wu Zhun lol. Sure he did lie, but hey, back then he was young and he just started his career as an entertainer, image is extremely important especially being an idol at that time. He’s flashing it now may due to he felt sorry for burying his wife after so long. It could be a form of acknowledgement to her? And FYI, Wu Zhun himself is very rich to begin with, he doesn’t need to stay relevant in the entertainment industry to survive. He’s basically set for life. Pretty sure it was the producers who approached him to document his love story as well cause they find it marketable, and most probably not Wu Zhun himself. People are so confusing, when celebrity hide their loved one, people condemn and now acknowledging them, people complain as well lol. Be sad all you can, losing one fan alone will not affect them.

      2. @joojin

        Honestly I was never truly a fan of his but I did like Fahrenheit. However, I did not see the purpose of him being in the group as he did not do anything. He was just there as a visual even though I do not think he is that handsome. I have been fans of idols since the 80s so I know how it is. It is up to you whether you want to be open about it or hide it in many cases. In some cases, you have no choice so that is understandable but in Wu Chun’s case, he just choose to lie through his teeth. He even threatened to sue to cover his lies. That is truly taking it too far.

        I know he is rich but he does not have fame and who said he cannot get more money or else why would he join the entertainment circle for? He had money already but when is money ever enough and if he wants to stay low key that much then why join? For fame and attention and more money right? Plus, whoever said that money is enough? The more the better…

        I do not buy the producers stuff. Why would producers approach him for these kinds of things? Producers work with artists to film and stuff like that, not flaunt their personal life. If they did, he has the right to say no. Who said he had to do it unless he signed a contract. But who would sign a contract to flaunt their personal life? I have never heard of that in my life.

        I am NOT sad but just annoyed at his behavior which is BS. He also said to protect his his children but he brings his daughter on show and gives her a bath when she is naked. What the heck? His daughter may resent him for doing that when she grows up. Like I have said, we are NOT sad but we are just annoyed and I am not a fan of his but just disgusted at his behavior.

      3. @joojin

        I think it’s pretty silly to call anyone who disagrees hate. I’m not going to assume why he lied or that he’s too rich to lie or that it wasn’t his idea to do the show or that losing one fan isn’t going to affect his career. All the things you listed are irrelevant and doesn’t negate the fact that he lied all these years. I don’t see what’s so hard to accept that he lied? His career has been affected, besides filming reality shows, his professional portfolio has been empty for the last few years. It’s not hard to stay in the ET circle these days especially when you’re selling your family and private life. It’s hilarious to see.

      4. @lynn90
        Very well said but sadly some still do not get it. Wu Chun has only filmed reality shows lately but that is it. He had no singing or acting skills. He just tried to get by due to his looks which I never found that attractive. All of the other 3 members in Fahrenheit have pretty decent to good solo careers but he has nothing in comparison to them in that aspect. Since he has nothing, he has to milk his personal life which I find sad but also hilarious too.

      5. @hetieshou

        It’s hilarious. I guess, fans or the public can’t have morales anymore? Anything celebrities do are excused? Any lies are swept under the rug? I don’t see the harm in fans or anyone expressing their thoughts and opinions on how lying is not okay.

        I adore Hu Ge, wishing him the very best.

      6. @lynn90
        I agree but sadly some just do not get it and think that lying through their teeth is ok. Some even lie point blank when caught red handed. I can understand if you have to due to the circumstances as it would depend on the situation. But if you lie just to protect your image and play everyone then that is not ok. Then the truth comes out and you over expose your lover, wife and family. What the heck?

        Yes, I adore Hu Ge too and wish him the best. He seems like such a wonderful guy. I hope his future partner will cherish him and treat him well.

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