Wu Chun’s Brunei Home Looks Like a 5-Star Resort

Fans were impressed by the actor’s luxurious home.

Forty-year-old Bruneian artiste Wu Chun (吳尊), who took part in a recent Mainland reality program 21 Days Before Marriage <婚前21天> with his wife Lin Liyin (林麗吟), caused a stir when he revealed his marriage certificate. However, fans were quickly distracted by his luxurious resort-like home which was exposed during the program trailer, which fans praised as looking exactly like dream homes in the idol dramas starring the actor.

With his father being a real estate magnate in Brunei and his father-in-law being one of the top 10 millionaires in the country, it’s no wonder that the actor has a stunning home to show for it. Looking especially impressive when seen from the top, Wu Chun’s home is a single-story bungalow with a patio that is even bigger than the house itself, plus an open-air swimming pool.

In terms of interior design, a palette of wooden textured flooring, furniture as well as hues of white are mainly used with plants for decor which created an Asian, Nanyang-style appeal while looking homely. Netizens especially took screenshots of his luxurious bungalow and remarked that it was comparable to a five-star holiday report, with some calling him the “real Brunei prince”.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. not to be a negative nancy here but the interior is pretty hideous. my house is no where near as big and I probably make pennies compared to him but even my interior looks better than that lol he probably doesnt give a cr** but he should consider hiring an interior designer.

  2. The exterior probably looks good but the inside is very old fashioned. They probably really like typical Asian or as they called it Nanyang style home? Interesting but they have interesting taste in furniture too.

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