Wu Chun More Cautious About His Health

The boss of a chain of gyms in his birth country of Brunei, health and fitness have always been a priority for Wu Chun (吳尊). When he shared a photo of a recent meet-up with his classmates on social media, netizens joked that they looked like they were from different generations, due to the star’s youthful appearance and well-kept physique. Aside from his love for fitness, Bruneian actor Wu Chun reveals he keeps healthy so he can be around longer for his family.

Revealing his health concerns on social media, the 41-year-old father of two shared that he hopes to prevent the onset of illnesses via regular blood tests, Wu Chun said, “Okay, I admit it! I’m very afraid of falling sick, and afraid of dying. I go for at least three blood tests a year.”

He revealed the reason behind his meticulous health habits. “After becoming a father, I think too much. The family cannot do without me, and I too cannot do without them. I have to take note, prevent falling sick, and be a good example. Everyone, please remember to go for physical check-ups regularly–a happy family equals a happy life.”

While most netizens praise Wu Chun for being a responsible man who has his loved ones’ interests at heart, some thought that he was being excessive, as having annual blood tests would already suffice.

Wu Chun looks much younger than friends the same age.

Source: On.cc

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