5 Celebrities Who Married Their First Love

They say you never forget your first love, but unfortunately, you may not always be walking your life path with that same person. However, there are several lucky celebrities who married their first love.

Wu Chun

Known as a great guy, Wu Chun (吳尊) fell in love with his wife, Lin Liying (林麗瑩), when he was only 16 years old. Since Liying wasn’t from the entertainment circle, Wu Chun tried to protect her from the public eye by having a private wedding in Brunei in 2009.

Though his wife has managed to stay away from the cameras, it didn’t stop her from being the woman behind Wu Chun’s success. In 2013, they had their first daughter, Neinei, followed by a son, Max. The children both appeared on reality show, Daddy Where Are You Doing <爸爸去哪兒> Season 5, and Wu Chun’s fatherly image definitely captured the hearts of his fans.

Wu Chun and Liying have been in love for 23 years and their happy family of four is definitely a fairy tale in itself!

Anjaylia Chan 

Hong Kong actress, Anjaylia Chan (陳嘉寶), first started dating at the age of 23 when she met her 31-year-old boyfriend, Epaphras Wong (黃頌祈), at church. As Christians, both swore an oath to celibacy. Finally after four years of dating, the two got married. After just one year of marriage, she announced her pregnancy with their first child.

Grace Wong 

As a faithful Christian, Grace Wong (王君馨) also swore an oath to celibacy prior to marriage. She met her now husband, Daniel Zhang, in the United States when they were only 17 years old. Though they did break up in between, they got back together in 2013 and experienced 11 years of dating before finally tying the knot.

The two held their beautiful wedding in New York in June of last year. Daniel is definitely a wonderful husband who sacrificed his career in New York and relocated to Hong Kong to support his wife’s acting dreams. The couple’s love is often seen in Grace’s Instagram.

Karen Mok 

Karen Mok (莫文蔚) met her German husband, Johannes Natterer, in Italy during their school years at the age of 17. After only one year of dating, the two had to return to their respective homes, which ended their relationship.

However 24 years later, when Karen went to Berlin for filming, she and Johannes met again and their love was re-ignited. Karen didn’t announce their relationship until the 2011 Golden Melody Awards in which she won “Best Singer”. During her thank you speech, she announced her wedding plans with Johannes.

At the time, Johannes had already experienced a divorce and had three children of his own, but Karen didn’t mind being a stepmom because she believes that this marriage was fate. The two are still madly in love and as they celebrate their 30th anniversary of love, they plan to host a party in England.

Kelly Chen 

Kelly Chen (陳慧琳)  met her now husband, Alex Lau (劉建浩), in 1992 when they were students in the United States. Though the two did breakup after a year and a half of dating, they returned to each other in the end.  Throughout Kelly’s career, she rarely had any negative news and instead was able to maintain a positive image.

During her concert, she announced that she was marrying his first love after 16 years. In 2008, the two finally tied the knot and Kelly later gave birth to her two sons. To take care of her family, Kelly decreased her workload to spend more time with her sons.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Joe Ma and his wife of 25 years Karen Cheung should definitely be on this list.

    They’ve been together since their teens, have weathered storms and have been through thick and thin together. Very dedicated couple.

    1. @dramafan

      You should check out the images of Joe Ma getting close with another tvb artist a few years back with Benny Chan. The article was posted on Jaynestars.

      1. @anon i was aware of the scandal at the time. However the heading of the article states celebrities who married the first loves. I believe this to be true for Joe Ma and his wife as they were teens when they met.

        Not many people and congrats to those who have been together for over 25 years, to have sustained a marriage or relationship for that length of time without facing problems/set backs or challenges in their relationship.
        But most will experience problems, falling out of love, infidelity and whatever else during that time. Hence the term the 7 year and now its 4 year itch. And many will choose to end the relationship, hence the divorce rate is high and only increasing.

        But if a couple can work through their problems, differences, betrayal and still stay together. That shows to me that the couple are dedicated, understanding and genuinely love their partner and are in it for the long haul.

        People make mistakes and love changes. Joe and his wife met as teenagers, 25 years later, both have undergone significant change. So Joe may or may not have cheated. But his wife loves him enough to stay with him and work on their marriage. I value their commitment to each other.

      2. @dramafan Sure they met as kids and grew up together as adults. It is difficult to maintain such relationship so long. I believe he had his affairs, I also believe he came home each time, so for the wife, she tolerated and now hopefully he is past the itchy stage and settled into old age with his wife.

        Same goes with actors with cheating wife. Sometimes it is difficult to let go even when you know the other side is cheating mainly because you have invested so many years into a relationship, why waste the effort. Also, there is that love issue.

        I am not sure of any here married their first love but I hope they married their true love and have a chance to celebrate 50 years together.

        By the way I don’t get the whole “I must protect him/her at all cost since I married a non celeb”. No one is asking for you to be Clooneys but seriously, going about in secrecy, denying the existence of a spouse or children isn’t protecting them; it’s protecting your own career. This sort the Korean stars take it to an artform. They always said I married a non celeb so in the need to promote themselves they do release wedding photos BUT the celeb alone in the photos. Come on. The person married a celeb, that person should know and weather the consequence. A marriage can only last if it is truthful to all. Hiding, secrecy, won’t help. Or just act naturally,

      3. @funnlim yes i also dont agree with celebrities hiding, denying and being overall secretive about their spouses. Two comes to mind, Wallace Chung and Andy Lau.

        With Korean celebs though, i think it may be a little different. I am not Korean, but a fan of their dramas, so this is just my opinion.

        The Korean celebrity will generally blur out their non celebrity spouses in wedding pictures, for fear of negative reactions from fans. Some K fans can be obsessive and very negative and abusive of their spouses. Or once their id is revealed, the attention could be bothersome to a non celeb in their work or home life.

  2. When it comes marrying one’s first love, no one beats veteran actor Wu Fung! He and his wife were each other’s first love, but what’s even more remarkable is that their marriage truly reflected their vows to “love and cherish one another forever, ‘til death do we part”…Wu Fung and his wife of 59 years (they married in the 1950s) were a tremendously loving couple and so when Mrs Wu died in 2016, Wu Fung was absolutely devastated (to the point that his kids wouldn’t let him out of their sight for awhile afterwards because they were afraid he might want to go with her). Even now, whenever he talks about his wife in interviews, he gets teary-eyed and his voice cracks up. I can’t think of anyone, whether celebrity or otherwise, who not only married their first love, but also had a loving marriage for nearly 6 decades, parting only in death….in my opinion, that’s truly the greatest love story ever told!

  3. It’s nice to see some celebrities marriage still going strong because most are going downhill. It’s sad to see the ones going downhill still stay together to maintain their image. Like is your image more important than your happiness?

  4. I think these couples should be on the list too such as Amy Kwok and Sean Lau, Paisley Wu and Pal Sinn, Joe Ma and Karen Cheung, Tony Leung Kar Fei and his wife, Kenix Kwok and Frankie Lam, Esther Kwan and Nick Cheung, Noel Leung and Gary Chan, Andy Lau and Carol Chu, Jacky Cheung and his wife, Chilam Cheung and Anita Yuen? They’ve been together for a long time too just not sure if they’re each other first love or not. I’m not sure about Hugo Ng and his wife Lily Chung rather they’re first love or not but I they they been together for a long time too?

    1. @cutie777
      Hugo and Lily have been married since 1994 and are still the most loving and sweet couple ever. However, I do not know if they are each other’s first love but their love and marriage is admirable.

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