Grace Wong Joins Chinese Reality Dance Program

After ending her contract with TVB, Grace Wong (王君馨) enters the China entertainment market and makes her appearance in reality dance program Great Dance Crew <了不起舞社>. Although Grace is the only contestant on the program over the age of 30, the audience resonates with her passion and they are moved by Grace’s fighting spirit.

In the program, 60 contestants from all walks of life compete to showcase their dancing skills. Among the contestants, Grace has a strong following and is ranked fourth in popularity with 1.04 million followers. Currently SNH48 member Li Jia En (李佳恩) holds the top spot followed by GNZ48 member Tang Li Jia (唐莉佳) and SNH48 member Yu Miao(由淼).

Grace will be making her grand entrance in the second episode and is given a spotlight in the newly released trailer. Amidst the tough competition, Graces shows no signs of slowing down and keeps up the other contestants. While Grace can be seen enjoying the competition and making friends with other dancers, Grace gets emotional when sharing her inner thoughts, “I am 35 years old this year and I still have dreams. But as I get older and older, I am scared of taking risks.”

Having successfully moved many new fans, Grace quickly becomes a hot topic on Weibo and gains a strong following. Many fans are showing their support by posting Grace’s photos and leaving messages of encouragement while they wait to see Grace’s performances.

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