Grace Wong on Seducing Her Husband

Grace Wong‘s (王君馨) latest sexy music video for “Scream” was inspired by the emotions and sensuality her husband brings out in her. A passionate soul, Grace hopes the song would encourage married couples to rekindle their romantic sparks. The 34-year-old opened up about bedroom matters in her marriage in a recent interview.

Speaking with YouTube fitness guru Emi Wong, Grace answered various questions about her marriage. When asked whether she or her husband is more sexual, Grace said, “There are actually two types–one is lust and one is seduction. I would be seductive, and he would be lustful. I always ask him, ‘If you’re lustful, why don’t you seduce me? Then you can make me more lustful.” Grace said Daniel’s method of seducing her would be to put an arm around her shoulder and sway her, which was not a very polished move.

As the video interview was captioned in English and caused some viewers to be confused that Grace’s desire is stronger than her husband, the actress quickly deleted the video and uploaded a newly edited clip.

Daniel Was Once Very Jealous

In the video clip, Grace also revealed that she was Daniel’s seventh girlfriend, while he was her third boyfriend. She was the first one to say, “I love you” in their relationship. “I will never say I love you first, unless I feel that I will marry that person. One day, I was lying in bed talking with Daniel, and I suddenly had the feeling that he was going to be my marriage partner. He was shocked speechless!”

Since they initially met in New York, Grace and Daniel had a 12-year-long-distance dating relationship after she moved to Hong Kong to pursue an acting career. When they were younger, Daniel was once a jealous partner because Grace had enjoyed the feeling of being surrounded by men, and that led his feelings of insecurity. Grace later understood that she needs to be responsible in a relationship, and learned how to turn away men interested in her. This gave Daniel a lot of reassurance, and he has not been jealous since.

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Jealousy and Distrust Crept into Grace Wong’s Long-Distance Relationship with Husband

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  1. Benjamin does come off as rather insecure on this issue. He’s not the first HK male celebrity to marry into a rich family, but it feels like he’s the one giving the most reaction (and therefore getting more media coverage over it).

    From what I remember, Chris Lai’s wife comes from a wealthy family. Priscilla Wong’s dad is pretty successful too. I don’t really hear about Chris or Edwin reacting badly.

  2. Maybe Grace really kept her virginity until marriage and that’s why she seems to place a lot of focus on her sex life in her marriage based on her songs and this interview. Like someone who first started drinking and constantly wants to try new things and talk about it. I’m not a prude by any means and sex is a critical part of a relationship, but I find her a bit too much. I’m not conservative either, growing up in the US just like her, but I feel like this type of intimate detail about how her hubby initiates sexual desire by swaying her, etc is really inappropriate and embarassing for her husband. She can discuss this with her closest gfs but to put stuff like this out on the media is not the right way to go. Maybe it’s just me. I embrace liberalism but it doesn’t sound like she considers how her husband feels before she speaks. I remember reading another article where she said her husband’s coworker watched her music video or something like that too. Anyway, I just think maybe because she just started having sex after marriage, that’s why she is so focused on it and vocal about it. Whereas people who have been active for years and been in marriage or long term relationship understand that passion and sexual lust dissipates and yeah it is something both parties have to work on to keep the fire alive in the relationship and in the bedroom. It’s just a normal process most people in long term relationships go through.

    1. @gnomageddon thats a possibility. I don’t keep up with her (only recently because her husband reminds me of Wallace Chung) but has she always been open about her bedroom info?

    2. @gnomageddon
      I agree and it is not necessary to talk about that stuff in public. Honestly, she is not that great in looks or acting. Did you see her with no make up? She scared me as she looked like haggard and creepy.

  3. Grace Wong always comes across to me as a huge attention seeker.Very vocal about her faith and values, posts pic of herself without makeup to seek compliments, mention all these big name celebrities who helped her when she felt depressed. Even after marriage, she continues to show off her husband when no one cares….

    1. @jimmyszeto
      I agree and she reminds me of one of my “friends “ who shows off everything they can at every chance they get. Those people can get very annoying and can become major braggarts.

    2. @jimmyszeto
      Oh gosh, don’t even remind me of her photos with no make up. She scared the heck out of me. Whoever compliments her with no make up are just being polite. She looked very haggard and creepy. I bet no one would approach her if she was not all made up.

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