Grace Wong in New Seductive MV

She releases a sexy music video for her second single.

Keen to diversify her career, actress Grace Wong (王君馨) started producing her own songs and music videos in 2020 as an independent singer under the moniker, G. Racie. Recently, she released the music video for her second single “Scream” <尖叫> on YouTube, in which she appears in sexy lingerie in bed scenes with singer Alex Lam (林德信).

Sexiest To-date

Grace had impressed fans with her dancing moves in her first music video for “Casada“. Released ahead of Valentine’s Day, Grace hopes her second single would encourage married couples to rekindle their romantic sparks. In the three-minute-long music video, she plays a married couple with Alex, and appears in six different outfits including a lingerie getup in steamy bed scenes with him.

Describing it as her “boldest” performance to-date, the 34-year-old had assured her husband by giving him a run-down of the entire sequence prior to filming. Grace revealed, “My husband was supposed to star in the music video, then it wouldn’t be a problem if we had intimate scenes. But he was shy. We chose well with Alex, who is also a bit shy. He’s very flexible from doing yoga, so he’s good in the dancing part.”

Grace had also been personally involved in various production aspects including conceptualization, use of camera angles, location sourcing and post-production editing.


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  1. I’ve watched and listened to both her first single Casada and this one and my thoughts are… I loved the MV of Casada… it gave me a Latin vibe and though it was shot in HK, it successfully made me feel like it was shot outside of Asia. Very visually appealing from the colors of the background to the outfit choices. The 2nd song directed by Grace was steamy but overall well done especially since it was Grace’s directorial debut. My only gripe about her 2 songs is her singing in Mandarin and too much autotune. I understand that she wants to break into the mainland China market but her articulation isn’t that great because it isn’t her native tongue, plus with the autotune, it’s hard to make out what she is singing. Her songs are different from your typical Chinese songs, you can tell it has western influence cuz of her being raised overseas, but somehow, her style and her songs don’t work for me and my musical tastes. But I applaud her trying new things and this new direction/style of music in HK.

    1. @gnomageddon i read somewhere that the songs she sings are dedicated to her husband (and pretty much about their marriage life), so she sings in mandarin so that her husband can understand the songs (i’m assuming her husband doesn’t speak canto).

    2. @gnomageddon I like your breakdown, her mandarin does sound kinda off but I think its better suited for this type of music since its a smoother, softer, a more seductive language compared to cantonese especially HK cantonese. She probably needs the mainland audience because this type of music isnt for everyone.

  2. I really like her two songs, I think she is bold to make this video knowing how conservative most of her audience is. I watched the reaction video and you know its bold because Linda Chung looked uncomfortable watching it lol

    Only thing I don’t like about both songs is the break in the middle where she does a dance break and the tone of the song changes, I think its weird.

  3. I love the Christian hypocrites the most, lol. She was all chaste and holier than most with her devout Christian attitude, but that goes out the window to becoming a “singer”.

    1. @seriously Not sure how her “sexy” video and being a singer makes her a Christian hypocrite? Like folks said the song is dedicated to her husband and even was supposed to have her hubby in it….It’s not even that provocative per say, just the atmosphere which is the whole point. Dressing wise it’s no different then a Coco Lee or Joey Yung MV.

      @tt23 Yeah I saw the reaction video as well parts of it cracked me up.

      @gnomageddon Agree with your thoughts on the second video, it also has some Micheal Jackson, JLo and Britney Spears vibe going there, it’s alright but as always it would have been better in canto her second native tongue 😉

  4. That’s a very sexy performance. The song itself is mediocre but I think she sang and portrayed the mood well. Her dancing is great, as usual.

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