Grace Wong: “Temptations Don’t Get Any Lesser With Marriage”

The actress does not regret her “virgin talk” nine years ago.

Known for her candid and forthright personality, Grace Wong (王君馨) has boldly expressed her stand against pre-marital intimacy in 2012. At a time when Hong Kong artistes were reluctant to talk about sex-related issues, Grace’s revelation that she was a virgin and intended to remain so until marriage was quite shocking.

Wanted to Present a “Gift” to Her Husband

“I want to tell everyone, whether they are virgins [or not], to not feel you are an odd one out, for it is a phase and also a decision. I don’t think having many sexual relationships makes you cool or experienced,” Grace said. “My decision back then was, I really want to wait until I find my husband to…preserve this gift for him.”

Temptations Don’t End After Marriage

Marrying Chinese-American non-celebrity Daniel Chang in 2017, Grace acknowledges that her husband is an unromantic person. Ironically, she finds it a strength that he has an uncomplicated personality and does not know how to sugar coat things. “He is a sweet, passive, introverted and very shy person,” said Grace. “I don’t have to worry day in and out about him having anything to do with other [women], and feel totally secure about him!”

The toughest part of their romance was their 12-year long-distance dating relationship. “Because we met only once or twice a year, it was hard to build trust and chemistry,” recalled Grace, who has admitted to being attracted to her co-star. However, that experience turned out to be a blessing as it allowed them to develop a stronger, instinctive trust, leading them to confide their respective issues in each other truthfully now.

Sharing about temptations in a marriage, Grace surmised, “I feel that temptations don’t lessen after marriage…as each of us will have different experiences, and with it comes growth and change.”

Fortunately, Grace and Daniel communicate honestly, and are quick to forgive one another’s faults. “The bond between us is strong. However harsh our tone was, or if we said something we shouldn’t have, we would forgive each other as quickly.”

While many people see the constraints of marriage as being unable to make any decisions freely without considering the impact on the family, Grace felt that the opposite is true, as marriage has emboldened her to chase her dream of becoming a singer. “If I were not married, I would be more nervous about what others think of me.” Now, the 34 year-old is more confident and less bothered, and has also reached a consensus with her husband to delay babymaking plans to prioritize her music career first.

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  1. Okay Miss I kept my virginity till marriage. I think you are a great dance but you have to ****. A lot of people started dating young and are not as stifled as you once were. Once you get all the partying, dating, and sex out of your system, temptations are no longer temptations. Can it be you just haven’t had enough exposure to all 3 things above so you are using your own experience to make a generalization. STOP talking about temptation and sex, we get it, you have a good body and we can see it in all music videos. We respect your discipline but tone it DOWN woman!

  2. She certainly is vocal about the subject unlike her other so called virgin counterparts. haha lol Sometimes it can be annoying for her to stress over the subject.

  3. I don’t trust Grace Chan. It could be anything with her since she the fakest person around. It could be her fear of the ‘first time’ which plenty have that managed to drag it out this long rather than her ‘preserved present for her husband’. She is truly in love with herself….

    1. @jimmyszeto
      I agree and she is annoying and thinks she is not stuff. Her make up less photo still scares me. She does not even look so great with make up. Her personality is even more fake.

      1. @hetieshou
        Yeh..we all still remember the non make up pic, Grace posted of herself on social media, expecting some praise. Think all her fans were shocked and found it tough to comment….

      2. @jimmyszeto
        Oh goodness,that photo still scares me… I bet she expected some praise for her so called natural beauty but got a lot of not so nice comments instead.

  4. She’s a decent actress but gets so sanctimonious about virginity. She really should focus just on acting and dancing and save the relationship advice.

  5. I think you guys are being a little mean in calling her ugly without makeup. I think she looks ok without makeup she just looks like a regular person. Her acting is decent but yeah the whole virgin thing is so damn annoying and she is definitely so obsessed with being presented as hot. I just dislike how she doesn’t own up to it and always use her husband as an excuse to dress and act provocatively.

  6. it nice to hear that she doing well in her luv life with her hubby but i think she should keep herself underrated, she purposely flaunts her body and its annoying dont know why she popular i find her an eyesore on every series

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