[Celebrity Weddings] Grace Wong Holds Wedding in New York

Grace Wong (王君馨) married longtime boyfriend, Daniel Zhang, in a church ceremony in New York yesterday. Since the couple met in New York, it was only suitable to hold their wedding celebration there.

Grace only invited family and some of her closest friends. Bridesmaids Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), Leanne Li (李亞男), Janice Vidal (衛蘭), and Hiromi Wada (裕美) created a rap song, which moved the bride and many guests to tears.

Although the media was unable to reach any of the attendees, many of Grace’s friends shared photos of the joyous occasion on social media. Grace included both Western and Chinese elements into her wedding. Making her appearance in a traditional Chinese bridal dress, Grace later walked down the aisle in a lace wedding gown.

「我好開心呀!我哋拍拖11年11個月14日已經過咗喇!我今日係章太喇!我好幸福啊!」,最後還約定大家,將於下月11日在香港的The American Club補辦喜酒,到時再邀請更多好友出席。

Second Banquet In July For Friends in Hong Kong

Grace said, “I’m very happy! We dated for 11 years, 11 months, and 14 days! Today I’m finally Mrs. Zhang! I’m so lucky!”

The couple will hold a larger wedding banquet in Hong Kong on July 11.  Good friend, Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), who was missing from the event revealed, “I wasn’t unable to attend the wedding in the USA because I had to work on a show at the Hong Kong Coliseum. But I will definitely go to the wedding in Hong Kong.”

Jonathan Wong (王梓軒) and Sherman Chung (鍾舒漫) lamented on having missed Grace’s wedding as well. Jonathan said, “I really wanted to go to the USA for Grace’s wedding, but I had to prepare for my new TV program. I already made a deal with her for her July banquet, she can tell me to sing, dance, or anything. I’ll even dance with her husband if she tells me to – I owe her!”

Sherman expressed, “I initially planned to attend, but I was unable to move my schedule around. I’m very happy for Grace on this special day. The most important thing is their happiness; I hope they have children soon!”


Sources: Oriental Daily; HK01

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Congrats to Grace Wong! The wedding looks lovely and heartfelt! Can’t wait for the larger wedding banquet in Hong Kong. Linda Chung and Leanne Li will likely be the bridesmaids again. Christine Kuo and Eliza Sam may also be part of the bridal party.

    Looks like Christine Kuo’s wedding will be around the corner!

  2. She looks great!! I actually really like her dress.. it’s simple.. not too big and just very elegant.

  3. Congrats to the happy couple. Grace’s dress is elegant and claasy, I like it.

    So many celebrities from thr Chinese community are getting married . There is only one brand new marriage that I fear is another WLH TYPE OF MARRIAGE. That is the marriage of Mike He.

      1. @happybi oh yeah…. A circle of people I know and who know Mike are shocked. Well his parents are getting on in age and mama He does like the girl he married. Although he is not so close to his soulmate anymore, certain things about him have not changed. Papa and mama He wanted grandbabies. The wife never stopped caring for Mike even when rhey broke up many years ago. Another WLH or ZCX type of marriage. What is it with rhe Taiwanese, lol. Wonder if Joe Cheng, Wu Tsing Fong or Show Lou, Aaron Yang or Jiro Wang is next to get married. On the Hong Kong side, AK got hitched..lol.

      2. @bubbletea doesn’t MH float both way? At least that’s what I heard so not really like “WLH” as he goes one way. So maybe.. just maybe it’s a true marriage..

        Wait what!!! Show Lou is part of that group?!!!

      3. @happybi MH and his soulmate drifted apart it would seem for good almost three years ago. He reunited with the high school girlfriend shortly after. His career is dwindling as he is not in his twenties anymore, mom and dad are not so young and healthy anymore and as the firstborn, they want grandbabies while they still have some degree of health and he is a filial son. Who better to inseminate than the woman who will do anything for you. I feel sad for wives and girlfriends like these. I see this kind of thing happening in wealthy and famous circles all the time.

      4. @bubbletea It’s their choice to marry into a life like that. Some probably don’t mind as they are not looking for love but wealth and comfort…. other probably think they can change the guy back straight… sigh…. just good luck to them.

      5. @happybi you are so right. I believe a lot of these women kniw, but like you said, some of them believe that they can change the man. A lot of women want children and a secured future for themselves and their offspring. What better way to do that than to marry these famous rich men. If you notice, the wives of MH, AK, WLH & ZCX are not in the industry or were they rich themselves. Women from the industry will never marry certain men unless they are Dlist models, singers and actresses who are only known in their own districts and don’t make much money. The coffee woman’s marriage is a oerfect example.

  4. I’m really surprised that they still can last this long time especially for a long distance relationship unlike Linda and Myolie dated for 8 years then suddenly announced break up. I wonder how they met in New York? Was Grace from New York? I have to agree that her dress does looks amazing. Congrats to them such a lovely couple.

    1. I read somewhere that they met at a cafe or restaurant she was waitressing at.

  5. Take a good look at the photo with Linda Chung standing still with flowers in her hand and eyes closed while the pastor solemnizes the marriage.

    One can easily guess what’s going on in her mind at that moment. She must be wishing how her own wedding could be as open and public as all her good friends’, where reporters/photographers could take pictures without restrictions, where invited guests and relatives can chat freely about the bride and bridegroom, where everything that went on at the wedding is for all to see, with nothing to hide, nothing to fear. Linda is so pitiful!

    In any case, my heartiest congrats to Grace and Daniel. You two look so great together. May the both of you enjoy eternal bliss for the rest of your life.

    1. @creditor wow! we didn’t know you knew Linda so well that you were invited to her wedding?!! How else would you know that it wasn’t as great as Grace’s wedding? Oh wait.. I forgot you have a “HUGE” imagination to make up silly stories when it involve Linda.. Opps my bad… I’ll try to remind myself that when it come to your post, to skip it.

      1. @happybi I am going to have to give Linda a good piece of my mind. Imagine the nerve of her to invite this crazy as* imbecile to her wedding hehehe. Linda’s family and friends wete at her wedding in Vancouver. It might have been a surprise to many, but not her nearest and dearest. The celebrities have a code ti watch each other’s backs, just like the cops do. When other celebs are junkies, gay, alcoholics, married, dating etc, they know but they don’t squeal on each other. Linda’s friends did not sell her out because her husband is not the kind of man who loves the limelight. I should know, I know Jeremy.

        Dolly Parton has been married for over forty years to a shy man named Carl Dean. He does not even travel with her or attend functions with her. One would think she is not married. And may I say happily married too.

        This thing needs to stop talking out of its demented rear end
        This thing tormented Andy Lau and his wife Carol was treated worse at @asianfanatics. At least WCL and LL are getting a break.

  6. She looks lovely, wedding dress is sexy but elegant. Bridemaids all looking lovely. As for the snide remarks about Linda, she is happily married and she treasures her vows and here is her BFF repeating the same vows after such a long time dating, she was being a BFF as in very happy for her BFF.

    By the way that’s one passionate kiss.

  7. 11 years, 11 months, 14 days. if they got married 3 days earlier, would have been 11 years, 11 months, 11 days. if they got married 17 days later, a full 12 years! some totally irrelevant, but fascinating romance math there

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