Benny Chan Makes TVB Comeback in “Justice Sung Begins”

Since last seen in TVB’s Legend of the Demigods <搜神傳> in 2008, Benny Chan (陳浩民) shifted his focus to China and eventually settled down there with his family as well. After 16 years, Benny has returned to TVB and can be seen in Justice Sung Begins <狀王之王> opposite alongside Vincent Wong (王浩信).

Crediting director Lam Chi Chung (林子聰) and producer Cheung Tat Ming (張達明) for the opportunity to film a Hong Kong series, Benny hopes Justice Sung Begins will do well and would like to have more collaborative opportunities with the station. Benny expressed, “I don’t mind filming anywhere. My heart never left TVB. Filming with old coworkers and new colleagues, it feels like a big gathering. It feels very warm and intimate.”

The drama is set to air during Lunar New Year. As many families are often too busy during this time to tune into television, this time slot is considered highly undesirable due to its negative effects on viewership and ratings. However, Benny remains confident in the project. “Comedy series are timeless. The series feature cases full of mystery and encompasses comedy. It’s quite amazing and definitely has the prospect of additional sequels.”

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  1. Watched the first episode. Wasn’t impressed, not a huge fan of this type of comedy. It’s also cut very weirdly, like it starts a “joke” cuts the middle bit out, and shows us the reaction?

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