[Celebrity Homes] Benny Chan Shows Off Luxury Unit with Private Pool

As the number of coronavirus patients in Hong Kong is increasing, many residents are staying home and avoiding public places. Among one of the confirmed cases is a 64-year-old woman who lives in the same complex as artiste Benny Chan (陳浩民), his wife Lisa Jiang (蔣麗莎) and his four children. Although Benny and his family do not have direct contact with the coronavirus patient, the family avoids going out in public and is in self-isolation.

In 2017, the family of six moved to a 2000-feet luxury complex in Kowloon Tong that features a private rooftop pool. It is a very popular location and the monthly rent could go up to $140,000 HKD.

Although Benny and his family are staying indoors lately as a precaution against the coronavirus, they are happy as they get to enjoy spending quality time together such as going swimming in their pool and baking cookies.

Unit’s Exterior

Benny shared that the family decided to move into their current apartment because it was more convenient to take their children to school. The family also likes how the unit has a private pool that gives them a view of the sea. Benny’s family loves to swim, especially his wife who swam three times a week while she was pregnant. In order to make it easier for Lisa to continue her hobby, the family decided to rent a unit with a pool.

In addition to having a pool, the rooftop provides the space for entertaining friends and comes equipped with a barbecue grill. Below the roof, the unit has a long balcony where Lisa and the children grow flowers and plants. Together, the family would water the plants, cut out weeds and harvest vegetables. While the family enjoys taking care of their garden, Benny hopes that his children learn that “every single grain is the fruit of hard work.”

Unit’s Interior

The duplex unit features a living room and dining room on the lower floor. The unit has top-to-bottom windows to draw in natural light and gives the unit a more spacious appearance even if the floor is covered with their children’s toys.

In recent years, Benny has taken his career to China while Lisa takes care of the family. Although Lisa would get busy taking care of the children, the family would find time to travel together.

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This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. The wife still looks good after 4 kids but what’s up w/his face really? haha lol… I didn’t even know he’s still relevant enough to be able to afford such rentings in HK.

      1. @bubbles23 LMAO …now I know why he looks a bit familiar. haaha lol..OMG yes, esp that freaking nose. Oh god! He still gets roles in China? Wow amazing!! haha

    1. @wm2017
      I guess you do not watch Mainland series as he is in a lot of them as the lead too. They make a lot of money in mainland as the lead actor.

      As for his face, I think he used too much Botox to try to look young. Sadly it backfired and makes him look like Mario now. Why can’t people just age naturally and gracefully? His wife had a nose job too as her nose used to bigger and flatter.

      1. @hetieshou Yes, not much of a mainland or any series fan as I am always on Netflix. I watched 1 series in completion last year and it’s Go Go Squid. Sometimes I tried a c/drama and I always drop them after a few episodes in and I just couldn’t get into. GGS was kinda funny w/the whole cast so it was watchable. One thing about c/dramas is they do go to foreign countries to film and you get to find out about that certain country that you were not aware of and sometimes it’s a nice place to find some good Chinese songs for your playlist.

  2. I always think Benny Chan works and lives in China. Very surprised that he works mainly in China, but lives in Hong Kong. I believe a lot of celebrities from China and Taiwan maintain residences in Hong Kong even though housing is so expensive. No wonder every person wants to be an artiste in the entertainment industry so that he/she can afford luxurious living in Hong Kong.

  3. I actually find it like heaven and hell in HK. If you are dirt poor, you live in those coffin like living spaces. But when you are loaded and rich, you live in luxury like this. Life is truly unfair… sigh… However, isn’t it like that everywhere? But it is just more extreme in HK.

  4. A swimming pool on a tall building I don’t know about that it might look scary if you looked down. Maybe he’s trying to look older than his age it doesn’t looks like he’s trying to looks younger to me. Wow. Look at Lisa legs? Very long and so skinny lucky woman after give birth and still can stay so skinny without gain any weight. What a beautiful childrens they have.

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